billie jeans

Micheal Jackson , also know as 'THE KING OF POP' made a song billie jeans which was a giant success . But nobody knew the story behind it . Why did he composed this song ? Was there any girl known as billie jeans . The answer is YES .



          I came home after that . I was very sad because I never heard her sing or she didn't mention me if she knew how to dance . I was very scared because the studios will print the lies I told in newspaper . I had no choice but to call the girl again . I called her . The phone was ringing but nobody answered the call . I tried her many times but she didn't answer it. Oh god , one more problem . I had only 2 days left .

          Next day i called her and she answered my call ," Yes , billie here ."I replied ," Billie Jeans , I am M.J , do you know how to dance. She replied ,"Of course I know , sir ." I replied ,"Thank god, so tomorrows is your big day . Meet me in the front of hot dog shop in the 6th evenue street . Ok practice 3 songs and 2 dances because you are going to perform in the world's best studios of dance and music ." She replied ,"OMG , seriously . Thank you for giving me a job , sir ." I replied,"You are welcome and please don't call me sir . Just call me Micheal . Ok . From now no more sir ." she said ." Ok , Micheal. Bye ." an she ended the call.

          I was so happy because my lies were going to become truth . Now only one day was left . I had a concert on that day too . I finished my concert and I was surprised because Billie Jeans was there . So we had a satisfying talk . I was happy as she seem confident about tomorrow . I said her that you seem confident and confidence is the key to the prize . I was so happy because she sung a song and it was so beautiful and that moment I realized that she could be more successful than me. She also showed me a few steps of dubstep and robotics and she was a great dancer too . Then we hugged each other and went to our homes . At that night I was so excited as tomorrow there was a challenge made by me that would decide some person's life. After sometime I started feeling scared that if she is not chosen what would happen to her? She told me that she resigned her job just to work with or for me . I couldn't sleep that whole night as I had mixed feelings .

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