billie jeans

Micheal Jackson , also know as 'THE KING OF POP' made a song billie jeans which was a giant success . But nobody knew the story behind it . Why did he composed this song ? Was there any girl known as billie jeans . The answer is YES .



          Today , I am not feeling fell . I am getting powerful hallucinations right after my new servant gave me coffee in the morning. Everywhere there were voices like someone was calling me , someone was punching me , fans were cheering for me . I was very confused that what was happening around me . Suddenly someone came and put a cloth on my mouth and I fainted . After that I don't remember even a single thing that has happened to me or with me . 

          I woke up and Billie was beside me . As soon as I opened my eyes she hugged me and said that ,"Are you alright Micheal ."

         " Yes, I am ."

         "Who did this to you . Tell me his/her name . I will kill him."

          I was happy and asked her I don't know and were you scared.

          She replied ," Of course I was scared . I had a new life that was given by you . Why wouldn't I be scared . " 

          The doctor told Billie to give me some medicines and she went away . After that doctor went but he told me to take rest for sometime .

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