billie jeans

Micheal Jackson , also know as 'THE KING OF POP' made a song billie jeans which was a giant success . But nobody knew the story behind it . Why did he composed this song ? Was there any girl known as billie jeans . The answer is YES .



          After a restless night , at last the big day came . I was thinking that if I am so excited , how excited Billie would be ? So the big day . I called Billie and asked her ,"Have you prepared 2 songs." She replied ,"Yes." I said,"Good and meet me at the place in half an hour ."and I ended the call.

          So one hour passed she met me and performed in front of me . It was marvelous . I knew that she would be chosen as a dancer and a singer and would perform on a stage , in front of billions of people with confidence . We went to the studios and they stopped us they told Billie that M.J told about you to us . He told that you are a very good dancer and a singer too . When I turned and saw Billie she had a smiling expression on her face . She looked happy by my surprise . She had to fill a form . She filled it and we went back home .

          When we came out of studios she said ,"I thought that there are two different studios ." I said ,"No these both studios are combined they teach us how to sing and dance at the same time ." Then she said ,"I thought that you said that you are to prove that you are worthy of something . Didn't you?" I again told a lie because I said her that ," You might have heard me wrong . I said that I think that you are worthy of something ." She replied ,"Ok." and we went back to our homes.

          I thought that I was going to break her trust but I was saved . So on this day I had  risked my reputation by playing with a girl's career . I was really scared but I slept well .


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