"Just Friends"

Hi I'm Kelly Hunter and I'm 16 years old and I am like Austin Mahone's biggest fan! I have the most best friends and an amazing family but they do they on my nerves, oh yea and did I mention that my dad is the worlds richest man?


5. Mums Here

Austin's POV 

After I got home after meeting all the girls that have been put through in the competition I sat on my bed and was just thinking about that girl. 

Her name is Kelly, what a lovely name. A beautiful girl like she is the most stunning girl I've ever seen! 

I decided to go strait out to my momager (manger she is my mum too) and ask for all the girls files, I need to know more about her.

Kelly's POV

I got to the hotel I was staying in, the room is wonderful! I now know why I am here, I got through in the Austin Mahone competition!! Me! Win something ! Oh my ! I am the happiest person alive right now!

Not only have I got through though I got to meet him ! And he gave me a hug! I mean he gave a hug to all 12 girls but still mine seemed to last forever ! I was seeing stars! 

*knock knock* 

Who is that at my door at 10 o'clock at night?! 

I went to open the door to the room I'm staying in, I looked a mess.

As I opened the door about 6 people barged through, including Austin!! 

"What are you all doing here?" I asked anyone who would listen.

"Your mum has arrived at the airport she has just landed and we all like to be in the room of the contestant so we can film them greeting their mother" someone said, it was a very efficient man he looked like he knew everything that was going on in this whole hotel!

I heard footsteps coming down the corridor. I looked outside the door and it was mum!! 

"Mummy!!!" I screamed to her.

"Kelly!" She screamed back at me.

We both hugged each other and stayed there for a while. 

"I have missed you so much" I whispered, not wanted to break the silence in the long hallway.

"I have missed you to baby girl" mum whispered back to me.

I showed mum my room, it was really awkward tho because we had the cameras following us everywhere.

Austin then came over to me and asked to talk to me on my own, who would say no! 

So we went into the bathroom and he locked the door. We both sat on the edge of the bath and looked around the room awkwardly.

"So what is it that you needed to talk to me about?" I asked Austin.

"Nothing I just wanted to be with you on my own" 

I was very confused at his answer, in fact this whole thing about coming to Texas and meeting Austin is very confusing and seems like a dream.



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