"Just Friends"

Hi I'm Kelly Hunter and I'm 16 years old and I am like Austin Mahone's biggest fan! I have the most best friends and an amazing family but they do they on my nerves, oh yea and did I mention that my dad is the worlds richest man?


4. Meeting Him

Kelly's POV

I still don't know why I am here in Texas. I really think I should be told soon because I'm in a strange place far from home without my mum and.... "OMG IT'S AUSTIN MAHONE!"I screamed all of a sudden.


Austin's POV

"OMG IT'S AUSTIN MAHONE!" I heard a girl scream. I converted my view to see the most beautiful girl in the world... A/N SORRY I HAVNT UPDATED IN AGES I HAVE BEEN REALLY BUSY BUT I DID DO THIS REALLY REALLY SHORT CHAPTER WUV YOO GUYS<33

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