*One Shots* -1D- *ENGLISH*

I've for a long time now been thinking of making some One Shots with our beloved boys, One Direction. If u have any idéa to something I can do better or a good idéa to another One Shot, then tell me down below. Hope you guys enjoy.


3. The secret is breaking

I was incredibly bored. My brother Zayn was gone on a date and I was left here alone. 

I was lying in bed when I realized I could call Niall over AKA my recent boyfriend.

Zayn didn’t know and I was hoping he wouldn’t for a while. 

I picked up my phone and called Niall. 

“Hello?” I heard a Irish voice say
“Hey Niall.” I smiled
“Hey Aleksxandra.” He said
“Niall wanna come over?” I asked
“Isn’t Zayn there?” Niall said 
“No not for a couple hours.” I replied  
“Okay. I’ll be there soon.” He said hanging up


I heard a knock on the door. I quickly ran downstairs and opened the door to see a smiling Niall.

“Hello princess.” He smiled bringing his lips to mine
“Hello.” I replied

He entered the room. I closed the door.

We made our way in the living room.

“Want something to eat?” I asked
“Chips please!” He said innocently

I laughed and opened a bag of chips. I poured the chips in a bowl and brought it back to the living room.

I cuddled beside Niall while he kissed my forehead.

We deiced to watch a movie.  

“HORROR!” Niall screamed
“No.” I said.

I was extremely scared of horror movies.


After 20 minutes of arguing I finally deiced to watch a horror movie. 

We were only into 15 minutes of the movie and I couldn’t stop jumping. 

“Niall please turn it off.” I said scared 
“Aww! Can we still please watch it!” He begged
“No I’m scared.” I said burying my head in his chest 
“I’ll distract you.” He said kissing me 

We were having a make out session until we heard a voice yell

“What is going on!” 

We stopped and faced the front only seeing a angry Zayn.

“What are you doing?!” He yelled

We stayed shut. No words coming out of our mouth.

We heard Zayn’s footsteps come closer. 

“Answer my question.” Zayn said strictly
“Niall and I are together for awhile.” I said completely scared
“Why couldn’t you just tell me!” He yelled

I stood up.

“Because! You always come between the ones I love! I just want a nice relationship!” I screamed in his face

I looked at Niall who was awkwardly sitting there. 

I heard a huge sigh from Zayn’s mouth. 

“I’m sorry. I never knew that.” He said softly

He quickly came and hugged me and I hugged him back. 

“Can I still date Niall?” I asked
“Sure.” Zayn said

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