*One Shots* -1D- *ENGLISH*

I've for a long time now been thinking of making some One Shots with our beloved boys, One Direction. If u have any idéa to something I can do better or a good idéa to another One Shot, then tell me down below. Hope you guys enjoy.


1. Make It up.

“Tell me a lieeee” blasted out of your earphones. Everytime you listend to it, it reminded you of Zayn, and how much you missed him. You guys had argued and ‘broken up’ about a month ago. You guys always fought but always ended up getting back together too; its like you were addicted to one another. 

You got up and decided to get a shower, leaving your phone on your bed. Once you were done, you went back to your room and got dressed, checking your phone to see you had a new voicemail.. from Zayn. You opened it up and listened yo it: “Look, I know we broke it off” he begun, you sighed. “but.. look just meet me—” you switched it off, and deleted the message. You couldn’t deal with it, it was the same old story everytime.

For the next few weeks, Zayn kept texting you saying much of the same thing; “i miss you” “meet me, we can talk.” Again, you ignored him, until one day, you were ready to go out with a friend, and just as you opened your door, you saw Zayn, ready to knock. Your face dropped as he said “Hi babe” with his goorgeously smooth accent. Shit, run, close the door, you thought, but you were frozen. “Um, hey” you replied. “w-what are you doing here?” you asked confused. “Well, you weren’t returning my calls or messages, so I came to see what was wrong” he said. “Um, oh come on in” you said, your mind all over theplace. He came in and you led him to the living room. “So what exactly did you want?” you repeated. “Why haven’t you been returning my texts or calls?” he asked. “Isn’t it pretty obvious, I didn’t want to talk to you” you said, quite harshly. “Why?” he asked, sounding quite hurt. “Cause, Zayn, we do this everytime. Break up, makeup. I’m sick of it.” “Well this time we don’t have to break up. Come on I know we can make it work Princess.” he argued. “No, Zayn, we’re just not made for each other. Please leave.” you said, making him look down, and walk off towards the door. Before he opened it, he turned and looked back at you “actually, we are made for each other. Maybe our relationship isn’t perfect but we can make it work. I’ve never loved anyone like I love you Princes.” he professed. You sighed, and looked down. You didn’t even have to say anything, he understood, and opened the door, leaving your house; leaving your life. What had you done? You loved him, sure your relationship wasn’t perfect, but who’s was? With that, you ran outside, chasing him, and you reached him just before he got to his car, making him turn to face you, as you attacked him with a kiss. “i love you” you confessed. “I love you too, don’t leave me ever again” he said, making you hear the fragility in his voice. “Never” you said, hugging him again, and you meant it. You would never leave him again, you were addicted to him.

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