*One Shots* -1D- *ENGLISH*

I've for a long time now been thinking of making some One Shots with our beloved boys, One Direction. If u have any idéa to something I can do better or a good idéa to another One Shot, then tell me down below. Hope you guys enjoy.


2. Love is in the air

“I can’t explain how I feel when I’m around him. He makes me excited and nervous at the same time. Whenever I’m with him, he treats me like his queen. Always a gentlemen and respectful of my choices. He never lets a day go by without calling me beautiful and complimenting me. I love how he is adorable and is like a little kid but he knows when to be serious. Everything about him is cute and we are so comfortable with each other.” I sighed, just thinking about Liam. We recently made it official and I’ve been loving every moment of it. I’d never met a guy so mannered and sweet. He put the biggest smile on my face with out even trying.

“Jacinth, that’s called love.” My best friend informed me.

“I guess it it.” I never thought about it but now that I did, love was exactly what I felt. I loved everything about that boy.

“I’m so happy for you. You guys are perfect for each other.” I smiled at my best friend, happy that she agreed.


‘wear something fancy, we are going out to dinner’ -liam

I racked my brain trying to make sure I didn’t forget someones birthday or an anniversary but nothing came to mind.

‘what’s the occasion?’

Within seconds he replied: 

‘can’t a guy take his girlfriend out to a nice dinner? :}’ -liam

He was up to something but I let him have his fun.

‘ok babe I’ll be ready by 7:30’

‘perfect! see you tonight xx’ -liam


“Fancy, fancy, fancy.” I whispered to myself as I looked in my closet. I spotted a hot pink body skirt and magenta high-low blouse. I tried on the outfit happy that the colors clashed perfectly and that they complimented my olive skin tone. I walked over to my accessories searching for something to complete the outfit and spotted a new gold and blue belt I had just bought. I closed the belt right above my waist, giving the allusion that I had some sort of curves.

I quickly snapped a picture of my outfit to send to my bestfriend.

‘what type of make up?’ I sent along with the photo.

‘keep it simple, you have a lot of colors going on’ I tossed my phone on my bed as I followed her instructions.

I applied very little foundation and eye shadow. I coated my eyelashes with brown-black mascara and applied a peach blush to my cheeks. My hair was next. Since I did little makeup I decided my hair would be a little more exciting. I rustled my hands through my long black hair as the curling iron heated up. I blow dried a few wavy pieces of my hair and started making loose curls with my hair. By the time I was done curling my hair, 7:30 was rolling up. 

I sprayed some hair spray so the curls would last the night. I also put on small gold heart shaped earrings to match the belt, with gold flats. I was already tall enough, no need for heels. I sprayed my signature perfume on my collarbone and breathed in the light but refreshing scent.

‘I’m bringing sexy back… Them other boys don’t know how to act…’ Liams ringtone startled me as I applied my tinted chapstick. He put that ringtone for himself, silly boy.

“Hey.” I said as I put the phone on speaker, still finishing up getting ready.

“Hey beautiful. I’ll be there in 2 minutes so come out when your ready.” I blushed at words. 

“Alright see you soon.” I hung up the phone rushing to put everything I needed in my purse.


“I still can’t believe we are matching and didn’t mean to.” I laughed as we finished up our dessert.

“I was going to go with a blue button up but Zayn insisted that magenta looked better. I’ll have to thank him.” He smiled at me, rubbing circles on the back of my hand that was intertwined in his. I nodded agreeing. A few minutes of comfortable silence passed, the chatter of other people and clanking of silver wear taking over.

“So did you have fun tonight?” He questioned.

“Absolutely. The food here is great but anything we do together is fun.” I smiled at him as he raised our intertwined hands and kissed mine.

“I agree. Whenever we are together we have the best times. I love how natural our interaction is. Jay I want you to know you are very special to me. You love me for me and don’t mind my quirky little obsession with Toy Story. You’ve captured my heart and I want you to know I’ll never break yours. We have something extraordinary and I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love you.” The biggest grin came on his face, feeling proud of himself for getting those words out. We had used ‘i love you’ here and there in a few text messages but never like this. I knew what he was saying and I felt the same way.

“I love you too. I feel exactly the same way.” He leaned over the small table and placed a tender kiss on my lips. Our kisses were usually tamed but we were both on a high of saying ‘i love you’ so the kiss deepend.

“We’ll continue this at home.” He whispered as he pulled away.

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