*One Shots* -1D- *ENGLISH*

I've for a long time now been thinking of making some One Shots with our beloved boys, One Direction. If u have any idéa to something I can do better or a good idéa to another One Shot, then tell me down below. Hope you guys enjoy.


4. Kiss

“Laura, where are you?” Louis’ voice sounded from the living room of your flat, and you jumped from the sudden noise in the distance. Turning off your phone, you threw your phone across the room, smiling at Louis as he came through the door; though you really felt like crying and hiding under the covers. 

When Louis came through the door, he smiled back at you and bent down to kiss your lips, but pulled back quickly, his eyes spotting your phone on the ground. “Why is your phone all the way over here?” He asked curiously, picking it up and unlocking it. Instantly, you outstretched your arms to try and stop him, not wanting him to see all the hate that you’ve been getting on twitter. “What, something you’re trying to hide?” Louis asked, spying your reaction. He smirked at you and continued to open up your phone, making you sigh.

You watched the smirk fade from his face as his fingers moved on the phone, scrolling through all the messages that you were getting. Of course, there were a few nice ones in the mix — but the unbalanced ratio of them was unbelievable. You knew that dating Louis was going to get you hate for being his girlfriend — but you never would have imagined that it would have made your self esteem plummet like it did — even more than your self esteem already was. Looking up with a frown on your face, you saw Louis put your phone down and walk over to you, moving his fingers on your face to force you to smile. Knowing what he was trying to do, you moved your face away but Louis held on, making a stupid face at you. Eventually, you giggled, making Louis shout triumphantly.

“Come on, love, forget about them. Let’s just hang out today,” Louis suggested, pulling you up and throwing a pair of sweat pants at you. Raising an eyebrow at him, the both of you changed into comfy sweats and a loose T-shirt, Louis taking the both of you into the living room. Sitting you on the couch, he put on The Lion King for you both to watch, and he continued to walk himself to the kitchen.

For most of the afternoon, Louis stayed in the kitchen, trying to make the both of you a huge meal… Though it ended up with the fire alarms going off, and Louis burning his fingers. Giggling, you walked up into the kitchen and helped him, though the both of you ended up just making salads and watching more movies after The Lion King ended. The two of you sat on the floor, eating your salads and cuddling while the movie continued to play. You had to admit, the whole thing made you feel extremely better — and Louis knew it.

When the salad bowls were empty, Louis took them and moved them to the side, his lips at your ear. “I know a great way to make you feel better,” He whispered, making you blush. You turned around, giving him a little smirk. “And what’s that?” You asked, watching him roll his eyes. Without answering, he picked the both of you up and walked to your bedroom. “I’ll let you guess,” He responded, pressing his lips to yours as he kicked the door shut.

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