*One Shots* -1D- *ENGLISH*

I've for a long time now been thinking of making some One Shots with our beloved boys, One Direction. If u have any idéa to something I can do better or a good idéa to another One Shot, then tell me down below. Hope you guys enjoy.


5. Anorexia

You’ve been dating Harry for about six months and you’ve been living together for about a month. You love living with you’re fantastic boyfriend, but you’ve been keeping secrets from Harry.
He doesn’t know you skip meals. He doesn’t know you lie to him about how much you’ve eaten. He doesn’t know that you spend hours on “pro-ana” websites when he’s gone at rehearsals.
You’ve had a dysfunctional relationship with food for about a year, after your relationship with your last boyfriend who was emotionally abusive to you. He would manipulate you and you never felt good enough for anyone so you stopped eating.
Since you’ve started living with Harry it’s been harder to keep your secret a secret.

One evening you were sitting on the bed looking through your proana websites when the door opens and your boyfriend smiles at you, “Hey, babe,”
You smile “You’re home early,” you close your laptop and hug your boyfriend who smiles as he kisses your cheek.

“Get some clothes on, I’m taking you out to dinner” he smiles.
You kiss him, “Alright, give me five minutes” You grab some clothes and go start changing. You change into your leather skinny jeans and a off white button up. You fix your hair and grab your laxatives, putting a few pills in the pocket of your purse for later. They were for moments like this where you know you had to eat.

You put the finishing touches on your make up and go back into the room to meet Harry. You gasp silently as you see Harry on your laptop, a serious look on his face. He looks up at you. At first he didn’t say anything.

You took a deep breath knowing you were stupid to leave the tabs for your Ana blog, a tab of thinspo, and a pro-ana tab all open. 
It was silent until Harry finally spoke, “What am I supposed to say to this?”

You can’t bear to look him in the eyes. You cross your arms over your chest, feeling insecure. “I’m sorry” you manage to get out. You hear your voice shaking.
“Y/N… how long have you been sick?” Harry asks.

“I’m not sick-“

“Yes… you are,” he walks over to you and puts his hand on your arm. You look down avoiding his gaze.

“You’re so beautiful…” he whispers as he wraps his arms around you.

You hug him back. “I don’t see it…” you whisper back, your voice starting to crack.

He looks into your eyes, “What do I have to do to convince you?” he asks, “You’re the most beautiful girl in the world,”

You can’t fight back your tears anymore, “But, Harry, I’m not!” you cry, “I’m 5’6” and I weigh 135 pounds. There are girls my height who weigh 20 pounds less than me.” you cry, not realizing your starting to yell.

“I’m not beautiful, no matter how hard I try. There’s all these girls on the internet who tell me so. ‘What does Harry see in her she’s a fat bitch’ ‘Once she loses a few pounds maybe then she’ll look pretty’” you cry, “Harry… I can’t please anyone,”

You were worried Harry would get mad, but instead with every word you say he looks more upset.
“I want to be thin…” you lower your voice, “But… I don’t want to get better until I get skinny…” you wipe your eyes.

He doesn’t say anything at first. Then he gently presses his lips to yours, kissing you. “Darling, I need you healthy…” he whispers to you silently, “You’ll fade into nothing if you don’t stop…” His grip around your waist tightens, “I love you,”

“I love you too…” you whisper back.

“You need treatment, love,” he says.

You shake your head, “No…”

“Yes, darling… please… be healthy for me…” he pleads.

You take a deep breath and bury your head in his shoulder. He wraps his arms around you tight and sings sweet things into your ear as he comforts you.

The next week you found yourself in a treatment center. The first week you had no communication with anyone the first week. When you were finally allowed to talk to people and go online. You read through Harry’s past tweets.
“Lots of prayers for my beautiful girlfriend @y/n who goes into treatment today. You’re beautiful, baby”
“No one has the right to make you feel worthless. You have worth, you’re worth more than this. You’re beautiful”

After two long months in treatment you leave treatment, and Harry was there waiting for you at the door.
Things were so much better than before. You still had daily struggles, but you had Harry.

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