You're Not Alone (Niall Horan/One Direction)

Mia Alexandra, prefers to be called Alex because she got bullied because of her unusual name, now she doesn't just get bullied because of her name. No her life was ruined by her father, he got arrested and put in prison for murder. Her family left her on her own when she needed them the most. Her two best friends turned against her and started bullying her. Will she be pushed to complete destruction? When One Direction turn up at her school, will she let them in and allow them to fix her?

Contains: bullying, self harm and suicide attempts but it also contains crazy moments, sleepovers and love


16. We Build Then We Break

~ Chapter 14 ~ 

-Mia's P.O.V-

I woke up the next morning with someone's arm wrapped around my waist, I followed it slowly to see who it belonged to... Niall! Why was.... ohhhh yeah we got together last night! 

I'm not a morning person sorry!! I tend to forget things that happen before they all flood back to me like a tidal wave.

After about half an hour of laying there thinking of how my life has been turned around by these boys, they really are my saviours, I felt Niall start to stir and wake up. Hmm I could get used to this waking up to him every morning, his blue eyes seemed darker and deeper like the ocean when he woke up. He smiled down at me whilst I traced patterns on his top, this boy seriously has no flaws it's not fair! 

I strained myself up so I could face him properly and we just laid there staring into each others eyes and talking about how and when we were going to tell the boys about us that sounds really weird to say but it fits nicely! Nothing could ruin me today.... or so I thought!!!

~~ 4 hours later ~~ 

I was making lunch for everyone when I heard the doorbell ring, everyone else was outside as it was sunny so they didn't hear it. Damn it I have to go get it and see who it is and I have to make lunch for five hungry boys plus my friends!! 

When I finally reached the front door because you know the trek from the kitchen to the front door was like running a marathon, I got the shock of my life, my auntie Nicola, auntie Emma and uncle Simon! WHAT THE... 

"Mia, we need to talk!" Emma said 

"No you need to leave." I retorted

"Mia, please listen to what we have to say." Simon pleaded

"You're having a laugh aren't you??? I needed you years ago but you left why would I want to listen to you when you disappeared 3 years ago?" 

"Mia, it's important!" Simon said 

"Was I not important to you? Have you come to pour a bit more lemon juice into my wounds? Or do you miraculously want me back in your lives?" I kept my voice filled with as much venom as I spoke.

"Mia, please..." he pleaded 

"Fine I'll listen to what you have to say, but you have to accept the fact that I call the shots now, I'm not making time for you, you take time out to spend time with me, you let me see my cousins whenever I want and you listen to me first!" 

"That seems a bit harsh, we are the adults after all." Nicola spoke up for the first time

"You're also supposed to be my godmother and auntie but you failed at both of those roles, it's those conditions or nothing! You want me back you accept that you live by my rules now or nothing." I told her 

"What do you have to say Mia?" Emma asked 

"Honey there are plenty of things I would like to say but life is too short to get it all in! But I'll start with this: you all have to accept, me included, that There is nothing to go back to now, we have destroyed everything beyond repair and perhaps it's all my fault, We can't put it back together because you tore every relationship that was ever formed to pieces to small to be granted fixable! I never thought heartbreak would be this bad but it's like I've had my heart ripped straight from my chest and torn a part so many times, I can't deal with this! I need to tell you the truth because I'm sick of lying not to you but to myself, I'm sick of crying, sick of trying when you clearly don't reciprocate it. However I can't say I don't love you anymore because I do but I can't keep loving you knowing you don't love me back! No contact, nothing I'm just an empty shell now, I push what is left of my family away, I have no one!" I poured my thoughts and feelings to them, "I needed you from the start, I needed a place to go to, I needed a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk about stupid things like bras, boys and shopping, I needed you to help me through all the drama, most importantly I need you Simon, I needed a father figure but you weren't there, none of you were! So you can understand how pissed off I am that you turn up 3 years later wanting to "talk".
I thought so highly of you, all of you, Simon you were my role model, you were so strong and determined, I wanted to be like you, I wanted you to give me away when I get married because you were practically my father! Emma what did I used to call you? My favourite auntie? Hmmm ring any bells... you were the one that took me to the cinema, went shopping with me, you offered me a place to go when I needed an escape, our sleepovers were amazing, you were my rock but you left, so what happened since then? Nicola, I used to look up to you, you were so real and genuine but I now think it was all an act because no one so genuine treats people like that!" I finished off 

They all looked at me with tears slipping down their cheeks. Have I just managed to break my own family down to tears? Wow, didn't realise my words had that effect! 

"Mia, we're so sorry for the way we have treat you..." I cut him off 

"No I don't want to hear it, no more sob stories, I will call you when I feel ready to talk to me and possibly let you back in to my life, but until then I do not want to hear anything from you! Oh and I would like to have a sleepover with William and Ellie next weekend please?"

"That sounds reasonable, ok, what time do you want them round?" Emma said

"I will text you the details!" I said rather coldly not letting the pain of them being back seep into my voice. 

"Bye Mia, we love you" Nicola said

"Uh-huh sure you do, goodbye!" I shut the door after that and turned around to see everyone watching me as I broke down in tears and sink to the floor next to the door. 

I felt arms pick me up and hold me close to them, I could tell it was Niall just from the way he held me a little bit tighter than everyone else. 

It was a very emotional night, lets just put it this way EVERYONE was in tears that night just because I was, even Reuben the robot who states he has no feelings. 


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