You're Not Alone (Niall Horan/One Direction)

Mia Alexandra, prefers to be called Alex because she got bullied because of her unusual name, now she doesn't just get bullied because of her name. No her life was ruined by her father, he got arrested and put in prison for murder. Her family left her on her own when she needed them the most. Her two best friends turned against her and started bullying her. Will she be pushed to complete destruction? When One Direction turn up at her school, will she let them in and allow them to fix her?

Contains: bullying, self harm and suicide attempts but it also contains crazy moments, sleepovers and love


21. Numb, empty hearts

- Chapter 18 -

Liam's P.O.V. (Ooooh changing it up a bit)

Everyone was stressed and worried about the two possible outcomes for Mia, one was that she'd wake up from the coma she was currently in or well... She would never wake up!

It was silent in the waiting room, no one had the strength to talk. We were just numb and empty, Mia was on the verge of life and death, death being the higher possibility! It's surreal to think that a girl you met a few months ago could make you feel like this, that she was able to steal everyone's hearts with her charm and the gentle nature that she possesses, she is just Mia there is simply no other way to describe her, she's Mia!

The staggered and laboured breathing that surrounded me seemed to get louder as I was brought back to reality, questions started to filter through my head like a waterfall, who did this to her? How come no one notice her deviate from the crowd? Will she die? Will she leave us? How could someone do something like this to Mia? Why did no one save her? Is it too late to save her?

LIAM! Stop! Mia is strong, she will pull through this!! She... She has to! I looked at everyone else sat in the cold, uncomfortable plastic seats, they were all sat in small groups, Eleanor had her head on Erin who was leaning against Rosie with a silently crying Helen who's head was on Rosie's legs, these girls who fight often have pulled together to support each other whilst their best friend is laid in the intensive care unit and has to be put on life support because she can't function on her own properly! That is friendship! Reuben was stood to the side awkwardly, he didn't know what to do with himself, he had tears in his eyes but was trying and failing to keep them back. Niall, Louis and Harry were all sat in a group hug all trying to keep calm and to reassure themselves it was going to be ok! Zayn and I were sat together with our arms around each other as if we were trying to hold ourselves together!

Suddenly Eleanor shot up from where she was sitting.

"Rachel!! We need to call her, she'll want to be hear!" She said hoarsely "I'm just going to go outside and give her a call"

I watched her leave, it returned to silence once again but it didn't last long, footsteps could be heard tapping against the floor, it was taunting us in a way, we knew it was a doctor but we didn't know what news he had!

"Who is here for Miss Coultas?" He asked with an Italian accent. We all stood up whilst Niall went forward.

"We are, sir"

"Well I have good news and bad news I'm afraid," he stated, oh dear lord bad news? "Mia is stable... At the moment! We have managed to stop the internal bleeding and fix her ribs. She had a punctured lung so we had to fix that, she had suffered smoke inhalation which triggered a bad asthma attack, she is on a breathing machine as she is to weak to do anything herself. She is in a coma but we can't say for how long, she's showing signs of improvement but it could last from anything to a month to forever, we can't tell yet! You c-" he was cut off by a nurse shouting for help in Mia's room! "I'm sorry!" He shouted whilst running back into her room.

The rapid beeping of the heart machine was resounding throughout the hall, her heart was failing her, she's gone into cardiac arrest! Niall fell to the floor, screaming and crying hysterically, I knelt down next to him and pulled him into my chest, he snuggled into me as his tears soaked my shirt, I wrapped my arms tighter around him as he cried harder, struggling to catch his breath.

"Why? Why her? She's such a good person, she doesn't deserve any of this, she is amazing, she is so beautiful and she doesn't even know it! SHE DIDN'T DESERVE ANYTHING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO HER" he screamed

"Shhhh, Niall shhhh, Mia is strong she will get through this you know she will" I whispered, he calmed down a little.

"I know she's strong but what if something goes wrong! I hope who ever did this is pleased with themselves." He whispered back, I couldn't reassure him that nothing would go wrong because I didn't know myself, anything could happen!

"I love her, so much" he spoke so quietly I had to strain to hear him

"I know you do, she loves you, she needs you to be strong for her, ok? Can you do that?"

"Yes Liam, I can" he said in a determined voice

Just the Eleanor came back and told everyone that someone called Rachel was coming down to the hospital and that when they find who did this she was going to kill them! We filled her in with what had happened whilst she was away, she broke into a fresh wave of tears!

We are all numb and left wondering what is going to happen to Mia! It's not just Niall who loves her, it's everyone who is sat here waiting for the news that she is going to be fine! But that news hasn't come yet and we don't know if it ever will, we hope, we wish, we dream, but at times those hopes, wishes and dreams don't come true!

We don't know the outcome yet but we all have a shared wish! We all have a shared love for the girl in the hospital room fighting for her life whilst we are fighting to keep her love!

She stores a piece of each person here's heart and we don't want it back in any way, she has a tight grip on everyone here and we don't want here to let go. She is Mia, she's not a carbon copy of other people, she is unique and original and you couldn't change her in any way even if you wanted to! 


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