You're Not Alone (Niall Horan/One Direction)

Mia Alexandra, prefers to be called Alex because she got bullied because of her unusual name, now she doesn't just get bullied because of her name. No her life was ruined by her father, he got arrested and put in prison for murder. Her family left her on her own when she needed them the most. Her two best friends turned against her and started bullying her. Will she be pushed to complete destruction? When One Direction turn up at her school, will she let them in and allow them to fix her?

Contains: bullying, self harm and suicide attempts but it also contains crazy moments, sleepovers and love


4. I Don't Want or Need You Here

-Chapter 3-

~Harry's P.O.V~

As I took the seat next to Mia her words kept rotating around my head 'more bullies' what was that meant to mean?

 I looked over at her and she was shaking like a leaf, so I did the only thing I could think of, I reached out and grabbed her hand. She turned to look at me and I could see the fear in her eyes, why?

As I looked into her eyes I noticed that they were the brightest blue in the world, about the same colour as Niall's but with the sparkle in them they looked even brighter. They were beautiful but so sad and dull, she sat hunched over as if she had the weight of the world on her shoulders.

“We aren't going to hurt you. I swear on my Mother’s life that we won’t do anything that could harm you in anyway." I say to her softly, I could see her relax as I said those words but she pulled her arm away quickly and cradled it to her chest. She moved it so suddenly it spooked me and I think she noticed

“Sorry, I-I just don’t like to be touched by people, especially if I don’t know what they are going to do” she whispered so softly I wasn’t sure if I’d heard it or not.

“It’s ok, why don’t you tell us what we are doing because we are at a loose end with all of this”

She nodded and proceeded to tell us what we were learning, something about mitosis, which I vaguely remember from biology when I was in year 11 the first time. She asked us who we were, what we did and why we were here because she wasn’t listening to the introduction and got thoroughly confused by the hyperventilating girls in the room, which we all chuckled at because it still gets confusing for us as well.

After the bell had rung signalling that the lesson was over, Niall asked her if she wanted to get lunch with us, which she agreed to, I was glad she was feeling comfortable enough around us to spend time with us, I want to get to the bottom of what is bothering this girl, she’s different.

Niall walked up to where Louis and I were stood talking to the teacher about the work, I could sense that we weren't alone in the room and turned to find two of the most disgustingly, slutty girls talking to Mia and it did not look very friendly. My thoughts were cut off by Mia screaming "LEAVE ME ALONE?" you could tell it just burst out her mouth without her thinking about it because as soon as she had said it, she slapped her hand over her mouth. Louis and I approached the area they were stood at and started to shout at the girls that were obviously the reason she said what she said when we first walked in the classroom. Just then Liam and Zayn walked in as we were meant to meet up with them for lunch and they clearly got tired of waiting, to see us shouting at the girls.

 "What’s all the shouting about?" Liam asked.

As Louis was about to answer there was a loud CRASH! Mia had collapsed, "SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE" a worried looking, panicky Niall screamed.

We could hear Liam on the phone but all I could think of was why? Will she be okay?

10 minutes later she was in an ambulance on the way to hospital. I heard one of the paramedics say something about malnutrition and anorexia and another say something about the use of self harm as they checked her over, this just went to a whole other level.

~ A week later ~

~Mia's P.O.V~

*beep beep beep*

All I could think about was that annoying noise! Someone please turn it off!  As I tried to open my eyes for the 1233245 time in what seemed like years to see what on earth was causing that noise, it worked but now I'm faced with a great white light and a strange smell.

*beep beep beep*

*beep beep beep*

Arghhh! Seriously turn the bloody thing off!

"She’s awake" someone said. It was only then did I realise I wasn't dead but in a hospital, I looked down to find tubes coming out my hands, I found a hand in mine I followed the arm to find its owner, a brown haired boy that I had never seen before with a look of happiness and...relief, woah hold up why heck does he look relieved? He doesn't even know me! I felt my eyebrows crawling further up my forehead with confusion and curiosity.

"Who are you?"I asked, giving into my curiosity.

"Liam, Liam Payne a member of one direction, like Harry, Niall and Louis" he declared.

"Oh, I thought you looked familiar" I mumbled "why are you here?"

"Well the other boys needed a shower and food, they sat here all week with you by the way, and I offered to sit with you till they were finished" he explained.

Wow! They sat with a girl like me for a week. They hardly know me!


“You have a visitor Miss Coultas” an overly friendly nurse chirped,

“Please just call me Mia” I groaned in response

Someone walked through the door I certainly did not want to be here! I could feel the colour leave my face, my mother, the mother who abuses me was here, but she had a look of guilt, sorrow, remorse and anger on her face. However it was a look of anger at herself rather than at me and it looked as if she hated herself.

"I'm so sorry baby girl, I didn't realise how much I was hurting you, I never meant to please forgive me" said someone that vaguely sounded like my old mum, the one that loved and cared for me...

" Go away mum, you've done too much to me now, I don't care what happens now, same with Laura and Charlotte they can say whatever they want to me, it's never going to change things" I said loud and clear. Where did this come from?

"Please baby..."

"No, get out I don't want or need you here! You're one of the reasons I'm in here. I can't handle you being here right now so please just go!" I whisper screamed as my voice was hoarse with not using it for a while.

"Ok... if that's what you want, I'll just leave" she mumbled. Was she just about to cry? No my mother never cries! I watched as she walked out the door and only then did I realise that there were tears streaming down my face.


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