Harry Styles fan fiction


2. chapter two

'so that is three? three A squared.' I say to myself as I finish my math homework. I got home about an hour ago. Mum still isn't home... 
I pack up my stuff and put it in my bag for tomorrow. I walk into the living room and switch on the TV. I flop down onto the couch waiting for the tv to come to life, it usually takes a while. Finally it starts up and Nickelodeon was on. I grab the remote turning it up a little bit, just as I was really getting into this new cartoon show, my phone rings. I jump in shock and pick it up to see it read 'Tori' I side to answer the call. 
"Hello!" I say.
"Hey I am bored so do you mind if I come around?!" 
"Um not at all when will you be here?" 
"I am leaving now so... Maybe 10 minutes?" She says. In the background I hear a door shut. 
"Kay see you when you get here!!" I say.
"Kay" She says. Then the line was dead. I drop my phone into my lap and go back to the cartoon that was currently playing. 


"So how was your detention?!" Tori asks turning down the tv.
"Yeah, it was actually really fun!" I smile. 
"What?! Detention is never fun, your  queer girl!" She laughs.
"Harry and I had to wash Mr Wards car. That was our punishment for disrupting his class." I laugh.
"Wait who is harry?" my heart suddenly flutters at his name.
"Oh the guy i got in trouble for laughing at!"
"You like him?" She asks casually. It takes me a while to actually decide... I must admit i do like him... I'm developing a tiny crush...
"YOU LIKE HIM!" She jumps up. 
"What?! I didn't even answer the question!!!"
"Exactly you had to think about it and there was a look on your face clearly stating 'i like him'" 
"Okay... I have a small crush on him..." I say trailing off a bit.
"tell me what happened while you were washing the car!" 
"Okay so we got taken from the detention room and lead outside to Mr Wards car. Then Harry was filling up the buckets with the hose while I took my jacket and shoes and socks off. Then out of no where he squirts me with the hose! We had a little water fight, then we started washing the car. He was focusing more on pulling faces in the window to make me laugh then actually cleaning... But we soon finished the back of the car and the windows and then we moved onto the front of the car, Harry was pointing something out on the light so I came over to look, he told me I had to look real close and then while I was looking he squirted the hose at me again! I then grabbed a bucket of soapy water and poored it over his head, his face was hilarious when I pulled the bucket off his head, he then got me back by squirting me again, this time I was laughing so hard cause it tickled and then long story short... He um k-k-kissed me and then broke it off by hitting me in the face with a wet sponge and then Mr Ward came and we went home!" I say. I look up to Tori, her face was a mixture of excitement and confusion.
"He kissed you?" she says slowly and quietly.
"Yup!!!!!" I say. Suddenly jumps up singing at the top of her lungs,
"Finally!!!!! My best friends got a boyfriend my best  friend's got a boyfriend my best friend's got a-" 
"Noooo I don't... he just kissed me.... doesn't mean that much right?" i say
"GEORGIA!!!! You like him! He obviously likes you cause he wouldn't just go kiss some random just for the fun of it! It means alottttt!" She laughs. I am trying so hard to hide my smile but I can't. 
Just as Tori and I get onto another topic the door bell rings. I get up and head to the door. 
"Georgia? oh good this isn't the wrong house!" I look up to meet two green eyes. Harry. 
"Hi, How do you know where I live?" I ask
"My good mate Niall told me... um anyway I was just wondering if you wanna go out on friday night?" He asks looking a bit nervous. I laugh.
"Yeah I would love to! Um, question! Why couldn't you just ask me at school tomorrow?" I ask.
"Because I was next door at Niall's house and he told me you lived next door so I decided i would do it now!" He says. 
"Okay! Well do you want to come in? My friend Tori is here though if thats okay?" 
"Nah I gotta get home! I will pick you up at seven on friday!"
"Bye!!!" I smile and shut the door, to see Tori doing a freakishly large smile. I laugh at her and sit down again to watch a movie before she leaves.


Hey! This one isn't as long sorry! I just wanna wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!!!! byeeeee :P

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