my life story

it tells all about a girl and how she meets the lover of her life and how happy they are together.


3. the truth comes out

i woke up and i see Niall and Harry playing the Xbox and i tell them to get the others they ask me why and i tell them it important. Niall and Harry come back with the others. they all ask me what all curious i tell them i am going to tell them why i ran away. it all started when we moved here my mom just had my baby brother and we did not have a lot of money and my mom and dad started to fight and i tried to stop them. that when my dad said help us all out and kill yourself and my mom said no one cares about you go die do something useful. that when i look at Niall and he crying i was about to get up h came to me and gave me a hug. That when they all started to cry and that made me cry more and i was so sad right then i did not know what to do at this point. they all felt so bad for me so later that Niall took all of us out for ice cream. i told Niall i could beat him at a NBA of the Xbox he said so is that i bet i said yes it is. so when we got back to the house we went back up stairs. but before we started to play i said to Niall what if my parents come here to look for me he looks at me and he says even if they do i am not letting them take you from me no one will ever take you from me. i felt my eyes watering and i am bout to burst out crying. that when Harry comes in the room and sits right between me and Niall.

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