my life story

it tells all about a girl and how she meets the lover of her life and how happy they are together.


1. how the adventure began

I was 15 years old when i ran a away from home.I ran away because no one gets me.I thought to my self where am i going to go i just moved to a new place and had no friends yet. i did not know where i was i had no money no food or water. i was going to starve to death. If i die will any one care i thought to my self. Just then a blonde hair guy  stood in front of me he had amazing blue eyes. He held his hand out to help me up. He ask me  my name and i say to him my name is Zoe he says what a pretty name. I  ask him his he tells me his name is Niall. He ask me why am i out side i tell him i ran away from home. He ask me why i ran away from home i told him i really don't wanna talk about it right now. He tells me to get in his car at this point i am scared cause i don't know him i get in the car anyway. 20 min later we are at this huge house he brings me in side his mom came down the stairs and looks at me. She asks Niall if i am his girlfriend he starts to blush and says no. He asks his mom if i can stay for a few weeks. She says sure so he takes me to his room. i am still scared out of my mind i have no clue whats going on. he tells me this is where i am gonna be staying. then 4 guys come in the room. they introduce them self there names where Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. Niall introduces me i did not talk much but the guys sure did they was asking me a lot of questions.Then Harry says i don't talk much that when i looked down he asks if it was something he said i shook my head no. the next day i stared to talk not a lot but it was something. Harry looks at me i look down really quick still trying to think where i heard there names before. Then it comes to there that boy band One Direction i said it kinda loud. Harry looks at me and said you did not know i say no in a soft voice. Thats when the adventure began!!!

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