my life story

it tells all about a girl and how she meets the lover of her life and how happy they are together.


2. dose Niall have feelings for me!

i come down the stairs in a pretty blue dress Niall mom gave me she said she had this when she was my age. Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn all stare at me while i am coming down the stairs. They all say i look pretty that when i ask Niall where are we going he tells me to just get in the car. We where just bout to leave when the boys asks if they can go Niall said it up to me so i say sure. we where in the car for about 45 min. when i get out the car i am at a mall i ask Niall what are we doing at a mall he tells me we are going shopping. so we go in and they have me try on all kinds of clothes and they help me pick out a few outfits and some shoes. the first thing i try on is a pretty pink dress then a strapless blue silk dress. i got about 30 outfits and 20 pair of shoes. We head back to the house when Niall asks me a awkward question he says zoe do u have a boyfriend i just looked down that when Harry says she do and it me i look up and stared to yell at Harry. Niall says sorry he did not mean to be rude or anything. I feel like telling him i like him but i don't know how to tell a guy i like him i scared to tell him cause what happened  in my old town. later that day i am in the room and my phone rings. i answer and it my mom she said her and my dad are looking for me then Niall comes in the room and he see a single tear fall off of my face he comes closer to me and he can here my mom yelling at me i hang up the phone and bursted in to tears. that when all the boys coming running in the room. they all asks me what happened at the same time. i try to fight back tears long enough to tell them when i tell them what happened they all look at me sad the ask me do i have to leave i say yes but i really wanna go they ask me why i don't wanna go i say sorry i just cant talk about it right now but when i wanna talk about it i will. Niall looks at me and says it not your last day with us yet they gotta find us first  so we all get in the car and head off. we went to the zoo, mini golfing, and played laser tag. we had a great day after all they where right it not my last day with them. the next day was the worst day. Niall's mom babysits and one of the babies left there toy on the stairs and i fell over it and broke my leg i cried in pain Niall comes and help me to the chair and gets me a bag of ice and he said in a few mins he gonna take me to the hospital. so we get in the car harry is with us i am in the back seat with the bag of ice i see my mom and dad in their car so i duck down so they cant see me so when we get to the hospital the doctor asks me how this happened i told him that i fell down the stairs and i need a cast and i am bed written. I look at Niall and he is crying. i ask him is he ok he looks at me and says it all my fault. i tell him he did not do any thing wrong and he looks at me and smiles. the doctor says i can leave and go home so me Niall and Harry leave and on the way home i see my mom and there car Niall asks me why did i slide down and i told him that my  dad's car he looks at the can and he sees my mom he says i look just like her. and we stopped at a red light and he bent over and kissed me on my cheek and my mom and dad looked and smile at Niall!

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