Only When I Walk Away (Under Major Editing)

Don't you only love me when I walk away?


7. Chapter 7

It was Saturday, and Liam and his parents were supposed to be coming over. I decided that at around noon I would start getting dressed. I walked to my closet and pulled out a light blue strapless floral dress. I stood on my tip toes and grabbed my white vans from the top shelf of my closet.  I got showered and when I came out I decided to braid my hair over my right shoulder. Letting a few strands fall out to frame my face. I got dressed and looked at myself in the mirror twirling around. I made my way downstairs to see my mom already cooking. I sat at the dinning room table.   


"What are you going to cook tonight mom?"  


"Steak and salad!" She says excitedly.  


"Cool, are you going to make dessert?"  


"Of course. Chocolate cake." She smiles, so proud of herself.


"Yum!" I get up from the table and make my way upstairs. I check my phone and I have a text. Liam.  


-I'm excited for tonight :)  


I smile at the text before replying. I lay down on my back, before I get another text. This time it's from Josh.  


-I had an extremely great time last night. I was wondering if you'd like to go out again, tomorrow?   


My heart skips a beat before I reply, agreeing to go out. I lay down quickly on my bed, I kick my legs excitedly while giggling. Suddenly I hear a knock on my door. I quickly sit up acting like nothing happened. I brush the wrinkles out of my dress.  


"Come in."  


My door slowly opens, my mom peeks her head through smiling.  


"Do you think you could help me with the salad? I tried asking your dad for help, but he's hopeless at cooking even if it is just salad."  


I smile getting up from my bed following my mom downstairs. She gives me a big bowl and hands me the bag of lettuce. I empty out the lettuce in the bowl, she hands me other vegetables and I start putting them in the bowl. She then gives me two spoons to toss the salad. I place the salad in the middle of the table, and put the dressing beside it.   


"Can you set the table as well?" My mom asks while cooking the steak.   


Nodding I start putting plates and cups in every spot, then setting down a napkin with silverware on top. My mom rushes taking out the cake from the oven. She begins to frost it. I check the clock and it's 4:30. Liam and his parents are supposed to be here in thirty minutes.  


"Bored?" My mom asks from the kitchen smiling at me.  


"A little."  


"Well maybe you can run to the store for me and get me chocolate chips." She suggests  




I run upstairs grabbing my phone, and purse. Once I'm downstairs again my mom gives me the money, then sends me off. I start walking down the street all the way to the small market on the corner of the next street. I walk in and make my way to the baking section before grabbing a bag of chocolate chips. Once I pay for them I start to head home slowly. I try to take up as much time so I won't have to be bored at home.  


I open the door to my house, walking inside. I set the chocolate on the table as my mom thanks me before I run upstairs to my room. It wasn't long when I heard the doorbell ring. I quickly get up and rush downstairs as my mom opens the door. And in comes Liam and his parents. Liam's mom is holding a bottle of wine as she hands it to my mom. They all start greeting each other before his parents make their way to me. Liam's mother wraps me in a tight hug.  


"You look lovely!" She says with a big grin.   


Liam's father gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, I look over Liam's dad's shoulder and see Liam greeting my parents. Liam then makes his way to me. And he looks really, really cute and spiffed up. He's wearing a button up and plain jeans, it almost looks foreign to see him dressed so formal.  I bet his mom made him wear that. I think to myself, chuckling. Liam takes his bottom lip between his teeth as he gives me a hug.  


Dear God  


Stop Lotus!


He's your friend!   


"You look nice." I say into the hug. He gives me a kiss on the cheek.  


"So do you."  


Liam lets go of me as we stare each other in the eyes smiling. Suddenly he takes my braid and twirls it around his finger.  


Oh Lord.  


"Alright who's ready to eat?" My mom says excitedly.  


We all sit down at the table. Liam sitting across from me, my mom sitting across from Liam's mom, and my dad sitting across from his dad. My mom stands up grabbing everyone's plate, serving them stake and salad. She grabs all the adults glasses and fills them with wine. Unfortunately she fills Liam and my glass with soda. We all begin to pass the salad dressing around.  


Our parents begin their usual catching up, their conversation getting very boring. I feel a light kick on my leg under the table. I look up at Liam and he's cutting his steak with a smirk on his face. I kick his leg under the table while running my fork through my salad. Suddenly he grabs both of my legs between his legs, preventing me from kicking him back. Liam looks at me smiling widely.  


"What are you two smiling about?" Liam's mom asks while jabbing her salad with her fork.  


"Nothing, mum." Liam chuckles.  


Liam's mom shrugs her shoulders before continuing her conversation. I pull out my phone and start texting Liam.  


-Let go of my legs, Payne!   


Liam's phone vibrates as he checks his phone. He lets out a silent laugh before replying. My phone vibrates and I quickly unlock my phone checking it.  


-Neverrrrrrrr!!! ;)  


I reach under the table and pinch his leg. He quickly lets go of my legs, causing a small 'thump' on the table.  


"Fine. You win." Liam says looking down, defeated.  


I roll my eyes laughing.  


"So, Lotus." Liam's mom says snapping us out of our little moment. "Your mother told me you had a date last night."  


My cheeks turn crimson as I bury my face in my hands. I begin laughing before I nod my head.  Must she tell everyone?  


"How was it?" She interrogated.  


"It was fun, we went walking on a trail and then had pizza." I explain while cutting my steak. I glance at Liam, his head is down as he's cutting his steak silently.   


"Hmm a trail. That's nice."   


I nod my head while I chew on my steak.  


"Did he pay for your pizza?" Liam's dad asks. Random.  


"Of course. I mean, I was going to but he told me he's got it"  


"Good. All men should pay for their dates. Isn't that right love?" He asks leaning over to Liam's mom to give her a peck on the cheek.   


"Well all I know, is he needs to treat my baby girl with respect!" My dad exclaims from the other end of the table causing us to all laugh. I roll my eyes before my dad continues. "Liam! Tell the truth, is he a nice lad?"  


Liam shifts awkwardly in his seat. Everyone is eyeing him, including me.  


"Well, I mean- I don't know him," Liam begins, he shifts his gaze to me. "But he seems like a cool guy." He gives me a half smile that looks forced.  


"Well that's good." My mother finishes.  




"Ugh! You always make the best cake!" Liam's mom says nudging my mom's shoulder.   


"Why thank you!" She exclaims as they begin to laugh.  


Our parents are sitting at the table eating cake and drinking coffee. Liam and I are sitting on the couch watching T.V. Bored.  


"Do you wanna go upstairs?"  Liam looks at me smiling, he nods his head while standing up. He leans out his hand for me to grab. He gently pulls me up as he wraps an arm around my waist.  


"Mom, we're just gonna go upstairs."  


"Alright, love."  


I turn to Liam, before standing on my tip toes whispering in his ear.  


"I'll race you."  


Liam nods his head as we both take off running. Liam ends up running in front of me, until I grab his wrist and pull him behind me. I quickly dash in front of him, but suddenly he grabs a hold of my waist pulling me behind him. I quickly run up and catch up to him. We turn right dashing toward my room. We both enter at the same time, falling onto the bed laying on our backs, catching our breaths.  


"I'm pretty sure...I a couple of milliseconds, but I'll let you win." Liam says between breaths, sitting up on my bed. I reciprocate his actions, laying my head on his shoulder.  


"Well thanks."  


Liam nods his head in response. I grab his hand in mine and begin to play with his fingers.  






"Who's the girl you like?" I ask looking up at him. A look of confusion washes his face. "You told me yesterday at lunch you liked someone."  


"No I didn't."  


"Yes, you did." I pressed.  


"No I didn't, Lotus. I said there's  probably someone I do like that you just don't know about. I never  actually told you I like someone."  


"Oh. In all honesty, do you like someone?"  


Liam shrugged his shoulders. I sighed rolling my eyes.  




"Thank you so much for the lovely dinner!" Liam's mom gushes to mine, giving her a hug. "We need to do this more often!"  


I make my way to Liam's parents and give them a hug goodbye.  


"And you young lady! You need to stop growing so fast!" Liam's mom says to me. I smile at her before making my way to Liam.  


He quickly pulls me into a tight hug, squeezing me tightly. His arms around my shoulders, I wrap my arms around his waist pulling him closer to me. I can feel his heart, and it begins to beat faster. He plants a soft kiss on my temple before pulling away.  


"Goodnight." He says smiling down at me.  




Oh Gosh.                


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