Only When I Walk Away (Under Major Editing)

Don't you only love me when I walk away?


5. Chapter 5

I woke up thirty minutes before Liam usually wakes me up. It was a sleepless night, I'm not sure if it was because of the argument Liam and I had, or if it was because I was excited for my date with Josh tonight. To say I was surprised Liam still sent me a text to wake me up was an understatement.

-Wake up. Meet me outside, we need to talk .

Great. I thought. I mean, what else do you want to say? Do you still want to bad mouth my date? I sigh getting up from my bed, doing my usual morning routine. I got dressed in black jeans, a white tank top and a denim button up shirt over. I left my hair down today, I grabbed my phone and bag before going downstairs. Making my way to the door, I looked outside the peephole. Liam was already there. I was dreading to go out there. I slowly put my hand on the doorknob, hesitantly turning it. As I slowly open the door, I caught Liam's attention. I closed the door behind me before I slowly made my way towards him. I stood awkwardly and uncomfortable in front of him for the first time.
 Liam opened his arms, as if to ask me for a hug. I declined, standing still in front of him with my arms crossed in front of my chest. After a couple of seconds Liam dropped his hands to his side.   


"I'm sorry."  


"For...?" I encouraged him to finish his sentence. Liam scoffed. 


"Seriously?" Liam question, his pride strong. "Don't make me do this."  


I shrugged my shoulders before slowly walking away from him. After taking a few steps, I felt his grip on my wrist as he quickly pulled me close to him. Wrapping me in a tight hug, he gave the top of my head a kiss.  


"I'm sorry for the things I said about Josh. He's definitely not a jerk, or a wanker. Well... I don't know about him being a wanker, I mean...I couldn't tell you that. I mean...I'm pretty sure he does, he is a guy so-"  


"Liam," I interrupt. "That's not helping."  


"Right. But I really am truly sorry. From the bottom heart," Liam muttered the last part.  He let go of me as he put both of his hands on my shoulders, holding me at arms length. Liam began to slightly shake me. "Please forgive me!" He began whining.  


"Alright, alright, alright!''  


Liam stopped shaking me and pulled me into a bone crushing hug.  




"Oh, sorry."  




"Your date is tonight isn't it?" Liam asks before taking a bite of his sandwich.  


"Yep."  Liam nods his head slowly finishing, the last bite of his sandwich. He leans against the tree before closing his eyes.  


"You should go on a date with someone, Liam."  


"No." He declined quickly. I huff before nudging his shoulder with my fist. He opens one eye to look at me, before closing it again.  


"So, are you going to stay single your whole life?"  




"Well go out there then! Go get some babes!" I say trying to push him up to his feet.  


"I probably do have someone I like, you probably just don't know about it." Liam said slowly laying his head on my shoulder.  


"You do?!" I ask excitedly shrugging the shoulder his head is laying on.  


"Not saying anything."  


" C'mon Liam! What's her name?! What's she look like?! I want to meet her!"  


Liam chuckles, before grabbing a strand of my hair and playing with it.  




I walked into English class sitting in my seat. Josh came over sitting across from me. For the first thirty minutes of class we actually worked on our project. We began making a poster board. Even though we aren't finished, it looks really nice and creative.  


" Uhm, so for this date...where exactly are we going? So y'know, I know exactly what I should wear."  


"Wear something comfortable. I thought maybe we could go for a walk on the trails, then maybe get something to eat."  


"A trail?" I asked excitedly. "I love trails."  


"I'm glad you do," Josh chuckles.  I nod my head excitedly giving him a big grin. Josh lets out a laugh that echoes around the classroom. "You're too cute."  


His words cause my cheeks to heat up.  




"Okay, so I'll pick you up at five. Is that alright?" Josh asks as we're walking down the hall.  


"That's fine." I say giving him a soft smile.  


"Great. Well I'd love you give you a ride home, but I actually have to go right now."  


I nod my head before he leans over to peck my cheek. I smile as he turns around, jogging down the hall. I continue walking, making my way to Liam's locker. Just to my luck he's there putting notebooks in. I walk up to him, leaning against the locker next to his.  


"Do you wanna come over?" I ask as he continues to pack up his things.  


"Don't you have your date?" He says not looking at me as he continues to put things in his locker.  


"Not until five. I was wondering if maybe you could help me with my outfit."  


Liam slams his locker shut causing me to jump. He locks his locker before leaning against it looking down at me.


"Lotus, aren't you supposed to have a girl help you with that?"  


"I know, but I need a guys feedback. In case you haven't noticed, I'm going on a date with a guy."  


Liam rolled his eyes before agreeing.  




"How about this?"  


I ask spinning around in a circle. I've tried on about every outfit in my closet. I could tell Liam was starting to get bored. Liam raised an eyebrow inspecting my outfit.  


"Those shorts are too short."  


"I've worn them before and you've never had a problem." I say looking down at my shorts attempting to pull them lower.  


"But you're leaving at around five, it's going to get chilly." Liam said rubbing his chin with his thumb and index finger. "Keep the shirt and cardigan. Go change into a pair of pants."  


I roll my eyes, going upstairs. I search through my closet for a black pair of pants. Once I found them I pull them on, then grab a pair of black Converse. I run downstairs to return to Liam.  


"How's this?" I ask turning around in a circle agian. Liam chuckles before giving me a thumbs up.  I sigh of relief and plop down on the couch next to Liam.  


"I don't know what I would do without you." I say giving him a peck on the cheek. A tint of pink rushes on his cheeks.  


"Right um...well yeah. No problem. I think I should get going before your date gets here." He says standing up from the couch.  


I stand up next to him and walk him to the front of the door. He grabs his shoes, putting them on. I embrace Liam in a tight hug, kissing him on the cheek again.  


"Night, Lotus. Have fun tonight." He says, his voice low he has a sad look on his face with his head down before opening the door and leaving.  

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