Only When I Walk Away (Under Major Editing)

Don't you only love me when I walk away?


4. Chapter 4

My phone vibrates under my pillow, I automatically know who it is. I search for my phone unlocking it, the bright light from my phone causing me to shield my eyes.


From Liam:
Wake up. Wake Up. WAKE UP. WAKE UP! xx

I smile lightly at the text before replying.

To Liam:
5 more minutes please! :(

I shove my phone under my pillow, slowly shutting my eyes drifting off to sleep. But unfortunately my phone vibrates again.


From Liam:
No. Get. Up. NOW! 


Damn you, Liam. I sigh frustrated, standing up. I make my way to my closet, pulling out a white collard blouse, a pair of black jeans, and sandals. Setting my outfit on my bed, I rush to the shower. After getting out, I decide to let my hair fall in its natural wispy waves. I get dressed before looking in the mirror one last time. Grabbing my bag, I rush downstairs, my mom is making french toast while my dad is at the table eagerly waiting to be served.

"Honey, do you want some?" My mom offers.

"No thanks. Liam's waiting for me."

I give them both a kiss before running outside, but to my surprise Liam isn't there. Strange. Liam never keeps me waiting. I turn around looking in the direction his house is. Nothing. I sigh taking out my phone from my bag. I begin to text him, my fingers running quickly across the screen. When suddenly I feel two hands on my shoulders shaking me. I scream at the top of my lungs turning around. Liam is laughing hysterically, I give him an angered look.

"Ha, ha, ha, very funny." I say sarcastically, my hands shaking uncontrollably. 

"You should have seen your face!" He exclaims before trying to attempt to the face I made.

"Whatever, let's just go."

Liam stops laughing attempting to catch his breath. We begin walking side by side. Suddenly Liam runs his fingers through my hair, grabbing a strand in his fingers. I give him a confused look.

"You wore your hair down today." He says before twirling another strand of hair around his fingers.

"Yeah, so?"

"I like it when you wear your hair down." He confesses removing his fingers from my hair. He takes his bottom lip between is teeth as he looks down at me.

"Thanks." I reply after a couple of second, looking down at the ground.


The day was going by quickly, I was in my third period class with only ten minutes remaining, and then it would finally be lunch time. I was sitting at the back of my class talking to one of my few friends, Eva.

"Ugh! You're so lucky to be going out with Josh Friday." She gushed, leaning over my desk. I giggled before nodding me head.

"What does Liam think about all this?" She asks while putting away her journals in her bag.

"Well he definitely has his eyebrow raised. He doesn't think he's the 'right guy' for me." I say rolling my eyes. The bell finally rings, Eva and I begin to exit class entering the busy hallway.


"Well between you and me," Eva begins as she leans in closer to me. "I think Liam might like you." She whispers looking me in the eyes.

"Yeah right!" I scoff. "Liam is like a brother to me."

"If you say so. Hey I gotta go, but I'll see you later!" She gives me a hug before rushing down the hallway.

I start walking down the long hallways, squeezing through students as I try to make my way outside. I pass by a food stand and grab a slice of pizza before I continue making my way outside. I spot Liam at our tree, he's sitting with his four other friends he normally hangs out with. I sit down next to Liam as I wave at all five of them. They all give me a warm smile before waving back to me.

It was a pretty awkward lunch break, all five of the boys talked among themselves. I didn't really know what to do, so I just sat back and watched the other students who were playing sports on the big grass field. Suddenly I notice Josh, he was passing a football around with his friends. Suddenly Josh turns his gaze and he notices me staring at him, he gives me a big grin as he waves to me. I smile back giving him a wave, one of his friends throws him the football and he successfully catches it, throwing it back. The muscles in his arms becoming very prominent, he shifts his gaze back to me as he raises his eyebrows. Almost like he's giving me a 'What ya think?' look. I give him a thumbs up as he smiles, blowing me a kiss. My cheeks turn a bright red as I look down at my shoes.

"Oooh! Lotus has a boyfriend!" One of Liam's friends says catching my attention. It was the one with the curly hair, he was giving me a big grin, his dimples very prominent. Even after all the time Liam spends with them, I can never quite remember their names.

"Nice try, but he isn't my boyfriend." I reply as I begin to play with my fingers nervously.

"Well he definitely likes you." The one with the dark hair says to me.

I can see at the corner of my eye that Liam is shifting around uncomfortably.

"You should ask him out." Says the blonde one.

"Actually," I begin as I clear my throat, sitting up. " We are, Friday night."

"Oh, isn't that nice?" Says the oldest.

I smile nodding my head. Liam is rolling his eyes as he begins to text. I sigh shaking my head at his immaturity.

"Looks like Liam's jealous!" Curly says as he chuckles.

"Uhm no, I'm not. Why would I be jealous of that prick?''

I look at Liam shocked, so do the rest of the boys. Liam shrugs his shoulders, leaning against the tree.

"He can sweet talk you all he wants Lotus, but in reality he's just a jerk." He smirks glaring at Josh pass the football across the field. "Wanker."

I huffed as I quickly stand up grabbing my backpack. All five of the boys eyes are on me as I start to walk off infuriated.

"Lotus?'' Liam says softly behind me, but I ignore him walking away quickly.

"Well that wasn't very nice now was it, Liam?'' Said the one with the dark hair.


After my dramatic storm off from Liam, I decided to sit in front of my locker for the remainder of lunch. Which wasn't that long. My eyes were red from the few tears I shed. The bell rung and I wiped the last of my tears, I grabbed my bag putting it on while standing up. I turn around and I notice Liam across the hallway. He turns around and our eyes meet, he sticks out his bottom lip while looking at me. I quickly walk away trying to avoid him. I turn the corner jogging to my English class, and walk in. I make my way to the back of the class, I plop down in my seat burying my face in my hands. I must have not been paying attention for awhile, because I felt a tap on my shoulder. I slowly removed my face from my hands to see Josh staring at me, a worried look on his face.

"Are you alright?"

I sighed shrugging my shoulders, I grab my backpack searching for our book. I take out the book setting it on the desk flipping through the pages.

"Why did you storm off during lunch?"

"You saw that?" I asked looking up from the book. Josh nodded his head, I sighed. "My friend was just being a jerk."

Josh extended his arm across the table and grabbed my hand in his. He gently stroked my hand with his thumb.


It was the end of class, Josh and I were packing up our things to leave. We smiled at each other from across the room.


"Hmm?" I hum while putting on my backpack.

"Can I give you a ride home?"I walked to the front of the class and stood beside Josh as he put on his backpack waiting for my answer.

"I would love that."

A big grin appeared on his face, I thought his cheeks would burst. He quickly grabbed my wrist pulling me outside the class a little too fast for my liking. He pulled me quickly, we were now sprinting down the parking lot. We finally stopped in front of his car, he opened the passenger door waiting for me to get in. I sat in trying to catch my breath as he closed the door, jogging around to the drivers side. He got in and we both fastened our seat belts as we drove away, he begins driving the way to my house.

"How do you know where I live?"

"I've passed by and seen you leave for school a couple of times with Liam before," I nod my head while looking out the window.He glances at me taking his eyes off the road as he grabs my hand in his. We stop at a stop sign as he gives me a big smile. "I'm excited for tomorrow, Lotus." Butterflies flutter in my stomach, I give him a soft smile as my cheeks turn crimson.

"Me too." Suddenly my phone vibrates in my hand causing me to gasp, I unlock it reading the text.

-Where are you?!

I roll my eyes before replying to Liam.

-Don't bother waiting up for me. I got a ride home from Josh.

We soon
pulled up to my street, he parked right in front of my house. Josh gently squeezed my hand, before rubbing his thumb over it.

"Thank you for the ride."


Josh leans over giving me a peck on the cheek. My heart skips a beat. I play it cool giving him a smile before I unbuckle my seat belt, I open the door hopping out; landing hard on the pavement. I walk to my front step waving goodbye as he drives off.

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