Only When I Walk Away (Under Major Editing)

Don't you only love me when I walk away?


2. Chapter 2

After parting from Liam, I walked quickly to my next (and thankfully last) class which was English. I began to slowly jog, if I was late again I would be in a hell of a lot of trouble. Running upstairs and turning the corner, I 'gracefully' made my way in class. I walked to the back of the class sitting in my seat, sighing of relief that I was on time. Once the professor entered the room, my attention shifted to the front of the class.      


"We've got a project class!"      


Our professor instructed pacing back and forth at the front of the class. She began explaining our project, and since I was a straight A student I felt confident about this.      


"For this project you will be working in pairs, I feel as if we haven't worked in pairs this whole year."


I groaned letting my head fall back. Working in partners would only lower my grade, I worked best alone. Eyes began to land on me, I already knew the whole class wanted me as their partner. I was smart, I got good marks on my assignments and tests, and I never procrastinated. I raised my hand catching her attention. She called my name before I began.      


"Can we work alone?"      


She chuckled before shaking her head 'no'. I sighed sinking back into my chair again. She began to call off names. I honestly didn't really care about who my partner would be. I was going to end up doing all the work anyways.       


"Lotus and Josh."      


I looked around the room confused before I spotted him raising his hand catching my attention. He gave me a slight wave before letting his hand fall back down on the desk. I knew him. I mean, I didn't know him personally, but I knew him.  He gave me a small smirk before returning his attention to the professor. Josh Grazia played football for our school's team. He was the stereotypical popular student, he played sports, was good looking, and all the girls wanted him. Except the difference was that he was actually nice and caring. I've never spoken to him, however word travels fast with only good things to say about Josh and how nice and sweet he was. 


"Alright! Let's get going!" My professor announced before the sound of student’s feet shuffling came from all around the class.


Josh sat at the front of the class, he swiftly got up turning around and walking towards my desk. He pulled an extra chair and sat it across from me, plopping down in the seat. He gave me a warm smile, which I returned.      


"Hi." Josh greeted. "Your name is Lotus?"      


I nodded, smiling.     


"That's nice, like the flower?"      


"Yeah, exactly." I smiled while pulling out my notebook and pen from my backpack.       


"I'm Josh," he reached across the table holding out his hand for me to shake. I accepted his welcoming gesture, placing my dainty hand in his larger one. "It's weird, I've never seen you around."      


For some reason my heart sunk knowing he didn't even know of my existence until just now. I definitely knew who he was. Josh ran his fingers through his perfectly styled hair. His hair looked so soft. I was battling myself from trying to not run my fingers through it.       


"Yeah, I'm kind of shy," I admitted. "Don't have many friends. Don't know many people."      


"Hmm," he hummed "Well I'll definitely remember you from now on, especially with a face like that."      


My cheeks turned a tomato red, which caused Josh to chuckle. He was flirting with me. Even though almost every girl in this school drooled Josh, he only had a couple of girlfriends. It was very rare for him to flirt with girls, which surprised me even more that he was flirting with me. I smoothed out the wrinkles of my denim shorts, before looking up at Josh and giving him a warm smile.       




The last class of today had ended. I smiled at Josh before standing up and packing up my things. Josh swiftly got up taking the extra chair he got and putting it back where he got it from. He made his way to the front of the class and began packing his things as well. I grabbed my backpack putting it on and walking to the front of the class. Josh quickly grabbed my wrist pulling me back.      


"Wait," Josh said giving me a warm smile. "Can we walk together?"      


"Uhm s-sure," I stuttered. "I mean yeah, of course."   


Josh laughed at my rambling before letting go of my wrist as he put on his backpack. He flicked his head to the door at the front of the class, signaling me to begin walking. I began exiting the class with Josh behind me. Once we were in the hallway he was now by my side looking down at me.       


"I don't get it," He begun. “You say you're shy and don't know many people, but you seem nice and you're really cute. How have I never seen you before?" Josh chuckled out the last part of his sentence. His words causing me to blush. I lowered my head looking at my shoes before I answered.       


"Uh I dunno," I shrugged my shoulders. "Maybe because I don't party, or drink, or smoke. I sort of just concentrate on doing my best in school."      


Josh nodded his head understanding. My phone vibrated in my hands, causing my clumsy self to almost drop it. Thankfully I caught it, and Josh to let out a laugh that echoed around the hallway. I unlocked my phone reading the text message.      


From Liam:

Where are you?!   


I cursed under my breath before replying to Liam. My thumbs moving quickly across the screen. Josh looked down at me surprised at my special talent. I locked my phone before placing it in the pocket of my shorts.


"I'm sorry Josh, but I have a friend waiting for me."      


"No worries. I'll see around.''      


I smiled before spinning on my heels, and running down the hall. I turned the corner, and spotted Liam leaning against the door of his previous class. His head bent down, his hands deep in his pockets. He was creating invisible patterns on the floor with his foot. I slowly walked up in front of him, he lifted his head to look at me. I gave him an apologetic smile, to which he ignored turning around and huffing like a child.


"Liam! I'm sorry!"      


He huffed again. I groaned placing my hands on his shoulders turning him around to face me. I shook him apologizing, lying to him and saying I got caught up in class.       


"Yeah right, Lotus. I saw you walk right past me!"      


My eyes widened. I groaned lying my forehead on his chest. I wrapped my arms around his waist, hoping he would give in.      


"I'm sorry, Liam." I said while squeezing him tighter. "Can I pay for your coffee while I explain to you what happened?"      


I heard Liam huff in annoyance before he finally wrapped his arms around my shoulders pulling me closer. He kissed the top of my head before nodding his. Yes! I've got him! I thought before jumping up and down excitedly. Liam rolled his eyes. We began walking, his arms draped around my shoulders, as my arm was wrapped around his waist.      




"Can I have two white hot chocolates, one with extra whipped cream?"      


I ordered smiling warmly at the girl. She put in my order before giving me the price. I pulled out my wallet giving her my card, she quickly swiped it handing it back waiting for the receipt to print. She gave Liam a flirtatious smile, I looked up at Liam cheekily smiling at him, raising my eyebrows. He shrugged it off giving her a normal smile. A look of sadness washed her face. She was really pretty. She was petite and had tanned skin. His hair was voluminous and wavy, she had the perfect green eves that matched her sun-kiss look. She gave me the receipt before Liam and I sat in the back of the coffee shop alone.      


"The cashier had a thing for you," I said while pushing his shoulder. "She's cute! Why didn't you go for it?"      


"Eh, she doesn't seem my type."      


I rolled my eyes burying my face in my hands. No one ever seemed his 'type'. Saying that Liam was attractive was an understatement. He had a fair share of girls asking him out. Liam hadn't had a girlfriend in about a year or so. His last relationship didn't end well, resulting in Liam rejecting and not asking out other girls. 


"Liam, it's been a whole year since you've dated anyone!"      


"Yeah for a reason."  He mumbled tapping his fingers against the table.    


"Just because your last relationship ended because Amanda cheated on you, doesn't mean every other girl will!"      


"You don't know that."      


I sunk into my chair pouting, crossing my arms. I couldn't blame him for feeling this way about girls. The cashier girl who took our order came to our table with our drinks in her hand. She set them down on the table before giving us napkins. Liam and I thanked her before she walked off. Liam blew on his drink before taking a sip.      


"Anyways, enough with my sad and depressing love life," Liam began. "Why did you blow me off this afternoon?" He said raising an eyebrow.      


"I didn't blow you off!" I reached across the table and pinched his forearm. He let out an 'ouch' before rubbing the now sore area.    


"Whatever." Liam chuckled as he took another sip of his hot chocolate. This time the whipped cream created a mustache just above his lip. I giggled as he pursed his lips, creating a kissy face before licking away his edible mustache.       


"Well I was late because I was with someone."      


"Who, Eva?"      


I shook my head. Liam lifted an eyebrow. He began saying the names of my friends, which wasn't a long list. I blew on my hot chocolate then took a sip. Liam ran out of names and was getting tired of guessing. I sighed taking another sip. I could feel the whipped cream on my upper lip. Liam smirked before reaching across the table and wiping it away with his thumb.      


"Well Lotus, who was it?"      


"Fine. I'll tell you." I was starting to grow frustrated. "I was with Josh."      


Liam choked on his hot chocolate, coughing loudly. The whole coffee shop turning to look at us, my cheeks turned red in embarrassment. Liam was pounding on his chest to stop himself from choking. I began pounding his back trying to stop him from coughing more. After his embarrassing scene he looked at me, his eyes watery from coughing.     


"You alright?" I asked while giggling.


"Did you just say you were walking with Josh?" He completely ignored my question, I nodded my head. He looked at me confused his dark chocolate eyes staring deeply at me. I felt like I was going to explode from his glare. "The Josh that gets all the babes?"      


"Yes, Liam. The Josh that gets all the babes," I confirmed. "Josh Grazia."      


Liam looked at me sternly. I could already feel his protectiveness kick in. He sighed before raising his eyebrows. He reached across the table and grabbed my hand in his. He brought it to his lips and softly kissed it.       


"Since when did you start hanging out with players?"      


"He's not a player." I was quick to retaliate. I snatched my hand away from his harshly. "He hasn't even dated that many girls."


He took another sip of his drink, this time not choking. I rolled my eyes and began playing with my fingers. There was an awkward silence between us. Liam pulled out his phone, he looked down at his phone in concentration, his fingers quickly typing. I moved my hand and poked his cheek, he quickly swatted my hand away. I slowly poked his other cheek, pressing my finger harder. He sighed in annoyance before looking up from his phone, I gave him an innocent smile. He gave in and smiled back. He stood up dropping a couple dollars on the table for the tip.


"C'mon, let's go."


I stood up as he draped his arm around my shoulder. We began walking down the road to our house. The best thing about being friends with Liam is that he lived next door. We reached my house first. We stopped and turned to each other. I quickly gave him a tight hug, wrapping my arms around his waist.

"Sorry again for almost blowing you off."

"It's already been forgotten." I could hear the smile in his voice. He poked my side causing me to yelp and quickly pull away from him. He laughed loudly as I punched him in the shoulder, which didn't faze him. He knew I was extremely ticklish.

"I'm sorry! I couldn't resist!"

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes. He finished laughing before kissing my cheek and pushing me lightly. I pushed him back, before watching him turn around and jog to his house.

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