Only When I Walk Away (Under Major Editing)

Don't you only love me when I walk away?


11. Chapter 11

Liam's POV


The annoying beeping sound of my alarm clock wakes me up. I angrily hit it, while groggily sitting up. I run my hands through my hair; it's been a long night of just crying. I harshly pull off my blankets and head for the shower. While I'm in there I can't help but let tears run down my face. Again.


I've like her for as long as I can remember. I was just about to tell her, and like that, she's gone. All I can do now is just try and be happy for her. I shut off the shower as I get out wrapping the towel around my waist. I look at myself in the mirror that's full of steam. My eyes are puffy and red, and so is my nose. I shrug my shoulders before exiting the bathroom. 


I text Lotus to wake her up. I throw my phone on my bed as I get up and get dressed, I grab my backpack and head downstairs. My mum is in the kitchen slowly stirring her tea. I plop down, sitting at the dining room table. I lay my head down in my arms. I head a chair being pulled out next to me. I can feel my mum rubbing her hand up and down my back. 


"How're you feeling, love?"


I shrug my shoulders as more tears begin rolling down my cheeks. I wipe my tears before quickly getting up, startling my mum. I storm out the house, slamming the front door shut. I began to slowly walk to Lotus' house. I try to clean myself up before I reach the front of her house, wiping my tears. I stop and wait for a couple moments before I hear her house door open. I try to avoid our eyes making contact, so I start looking at ongoing cars. 


"Hi, Liam." Lotus greets. 


Get it together, Liam. I take in a deep breath as I turn around and give her a forced smile. We begin walking in silence, my hands deep in my pocket. 


"Liam?" Lotus calls, breaking our silence. I look down at her and wait for her to continue. "Have you been crying?" I shake my head 'no'. 


"Yes you have. Your eyes and nose are red. What happened?"


Shit, she can read me like a book.


"Nothing." I reply as I look down at my shoes.


"Please tell me."


Lotus grabs my wrist stopping me from walking any further. I look above her trying to avoid her gaze. 


"Liam, look at me." Her voice was harsh and forceful. 


I shake my head 'no' before looking at my shoes. Tears star filling my eyes, causing my vision to become blurry. Lotus puts a hand on either side of my face, pulling my face closer. Forcing me to look at her. 


"What happened?" She asks sternly. I blink as tears start rolling down my cheeks. "Please tell me."


Sighing I remove her much smaller hands from my face, then wipe my tears. Lotus is surprised that I avoid telling her what's wrong, but knowing her I know she'll be persistent.


"Look, I really don't feel like talking about it." I reply rather harshly. She nods trying to understand, but I know she's dying to know what's wrong. We both fall under an awkward silence as we continue walking.


"Well, I've got some good news." Lotus breaks our silence yet again. 




"And what's that?" I say with no emotion laced in my voice. 


"Josh and I are like...a thing now."


I nod my head. I can feel my heart ache. I can hardly breathe. 




We were finally at the front of school. I stop and turn to look at Lotus.


"Do me a favor." It came out more of a command than a request. Lotus looks up at me with confusion in her eyes. Her pretty brown eyes make me want to cry all over again. 


"And what's that?" 


"Don't let Josh do what Amanda did to me."


And with that, I turn around before forcing the school door open, and leaving her outside alone. 

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