Only When I Walk Away (Under Major Editing)

Don't you only love me when I walk away?


10. Chapter 10

After getting my wake up text from Liam, I start getting dressed. I pull out a plain black shirt and a red cardigan. I grab a pair of black shorts and black TOMS. I quickly take a shower and get dressed. I leave my hair down today and I start making my way downstairs. To my surprise my parents already left me. I sigh, making my way to the kitchen, I put bread in the toaster and spread jam on it. After eating I grab my bag and phone, I check the time and Liam should be outside. I walk to my door and look outside the peephole, Liam is just now walking to the front of my house. I'm nervous. He said yesterday he needed to talk to me. I sigh hesitantly opening the door, Liam turns to me and has a big grin. I sigh of relief, at least he isn't mad.  


Liam walks up to me embracing me in a tight hug, picking me up and spinning me around. He kisses my right cheek, before grabbing me by the waist and pulling me close to him as we walk.  


"You're in a good mood." I smile up at him.   


"Yeah, I have to tell you something." He smiles down at me. His brown eyes staring deeply into mine.  


"Alright, what is it?"  


Liam sighs, he drops his hand from my waist. He grabs my hand in his and intertwines our fingers.  


"Well, I've been wanting to tell you this for awhile now."

I nod my head encouraging for him to continue his sentence.

"Okay, well it isn't very easy to I'm just going to come out with it...see, Lotus I-"

His sentence was interrupted by my phone vibrating. It was a call. I held up a finger to Liam, telling him to pause. He sighs annoyed and rolls his eyes. He drops my hand as I slide my finger across the screen answering my phone.


"Morning Lotus." Josh says on the other end of the line. I can hear a smile in his voice.

"Good morning, Josh."

Liam groans in annoyance. I smack his arm, looking at him with an angered look.

"Do you need a ride to school?"

"Oh, no. Liam is walking me. But thank you, that's very sweet of you."

"No problem. I wanted to tell you that our project is officially finished." Josh says excitedly.

I squeal over the phone grinning. Even though Josh was a jock, and it seemed like his life was always revolved around sports, school and getting good grades always came first to him. He was actually a good partner to work with. 

"That's great! How did it come out?"

"Great. The poster board looks sick, if I do say so myself." He chuckles at the other end of the line.

"I bet. You did a pretty good job on it in class."

"Thanks." He says, his voice filled with enthusiasm. "I can't wait to see you today."

My cheeks turn crimson from his sweet words. I attempt to open my mouth and say something, but the words weren't coming out. 

"I can't wait to see you too." I say after a couple of moments.

Liam smacks his lips beside me. I pinch his arm while furrowing my brows, but unfortunately it doesn't faze him. I roll my eyes as I continue listening to Josh on the other end.   


"I bet you look lovely today, like always."  


My cheeks begin to heat up as I begin kicking a random pebble on the sidewalk.   


"Thank you." I say, my voice very happy.  


"Oh brother." Liam mutters beside me.   


I roll my eyes as we make our way to the front of the school.   


"I'm here, at the front of the school." I say through the phone.  


"Great, I'll meet you there right now." Josh says before ending the call.   


I drop my phone in the pocket of my jeans as I wait. My fingers intertwined in front of me, as I rock back and forth on my heels. Liam gives me a confused look, as he has the door wide open for me to walk in.  


"Aren't you coming?" Liam asks confused. I shake my head 'no'.  


"Josh is meeting me here."  


Liam nods his head as he storms into the school, walking away angrily.  Okay?




The bell ending third period rang, and it was time for lunch. I rushed to the tree waiting for Liam. I felt bad about earlier, he was completely interrupted by a phone call. I finally spot Liam with his four other friends. Liam said bye to them as they walked away. Liam made his way to me, plopping down, leaning against the tree.   


"Your friends aren't joining us?" I ask taking a bite of my apple. Liam shakes his head side to side. 


"Nope. They've all got somewhere to be." He gives me a half smile.   


"Well in that case I wanted to say sorry for this morning. I'm pretty sure what you had to tell me was important." I give Liam an apologetic smile. "So, I'm all ears."  


"Alright." Liam began. "W-well like I said earlier,this isn't easy to I'm just going to come right out with it. Lotus I li-"  


"Lotus!"   Liam and I both look up. Josh is waving his hand, gesturing for me to join him in the grass field. I look at Liam, his eyes are dark and full of anger, he begins to clench his jaw.  


"Go." He says lowly.   


"B-but you have to tell me something."  


"Just go," He crosses his arms as he looks away from me. "I'll tell you later."  




Liam's POV  


Unbelievable. I'm cut off. Again. I cross my arms, leaning back against the tree as I glare at them angrily.  




I look up to see Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Louis. They all sit down beside me.  


"We were watching from afar." Niall says. "Did you tell her?"


I shake my head 'no'. I angrily huff.  


"Why not?" Zayn asks.  


"Because that prick called her over there."  


They all turn around and notice Lotus and him sitting together, all cuddled up.   


"Maybe you should invite her over and tell her." Louis suggests.   


"You don't think I've already tried that?!" I raise my voice, causing them to jump. "She's always busy with him."  


"Just tell her after school, like make sure she's walking alone, and just pull her to the side, or something like that." Harry suggests.  


"I'll try." I say.  


The bell ending lunch rings, we all stand up and begin to walk to class. Zayn pats me on the back.  


"Don't worry mate, once you tell her she'll forget  all about him." He says giving me a smile.  


"Yeah!" Louis exclaims. "Josh, who?"  


I shake my head laughing as we part ways and leave. I make my way in maths. I sit in my desk anxiously. I have an hour and thirty minutes to come up with what I'm going to say. I nervously tap my pencil on my desk, causing students to look at me annoyed. I shrug my shoulders as I continue. My legs begin to shake as well, causing my desk to vibrate and move.   


I can't do this. I think to myself. My throat becomes dry as I gulp nervously. I shake my head. After what felt like days, the school bell rings as I quickly stand up almost causing my chair to fall over. I collect my things rushing out the door accidentally bumping into students and not caring to turn back and apologize. I make my way down the hallway storming to her locker, squeezing through annoying students clumping together in the middle of the hallway. I walk upstairs to the second floor walking down the hallway. I'm so nervous I feel as if my knees are going to buckle any moment, causing me to collapse. I turn the corner, and luckily Lotus is there. I continue walking and finally notice she isn't alone. I decide to quickly hide behind the lockers before she sees me. My back is to the locker, as my heartbeat quickens with every second. I slowly peek my head out, and look over the lockers.   


I try my best to listen to their conversation. Lotus has her back to the lockers as Josh's palms are on either side of her face.Trapping her between the lockers and him, my fists clench at the sight of them.  


"Remember on Sunday how I told you I really like you?" I overhear Josh say to her as he's smiling down at her.   


"Yeah." Lotus says while nodding her head.  


"Well I still do really like you." He begins. "And, I know this is kinda moving fast. I mean, we've only had a couple dates."  


No! I can already tell where this conversation is heading.   


"I guess what I'm trying to say is I kind of want to make it official. So, Lotus would you be my girlfriend?"   


No! Please, please say no.  


Lotus looks down at her feet, she begins to think, her eyebrows furrowed. After a couple of moments she looks up at him, and nods her head. My heart breaks into a million pieces. The tears that have been threatening to fall, finally do.   


No, no, no, no. This can't be happening! I was just about to tell her... I watch them closely as he leans in and presses his lips to hers. I can't help but sob, as I run my fingers through my hair, harshly fisting it. I angrily punch the lockers in front of me, grunting as I storm off.   


There goes trying to make her forget about him.       

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