Life in the Aftermath

America was reborn after the apocalypse, nothing was the same as it had been before 'the end'. Instead of a democracy, we have the militia; instead of people being divided into famous and infamous, we have survivors; and instead of the dead staying dead, they come alive.

For some the change between the old world and the new world, was simple. Those who had nothing when the apocalypse came, had nothing to lose. For those people, this was a start over, where they could use the mistakes they had made to keep them alive, instead of becoming another of the undead.

Read as two girls, best friends and partners in the art of slaying the undead, and their unexpected companions face Militia, Rebels, disease and the undead.


3. Heading out

 Vegas’ POV-

        I watched her walk away, yelling after her, “Sam, wait a minute!” But she just ignored me. I felt so angry with her, what if she had got bite or killed?  But her stupid pride and ‘know-it-all’ attitude is so frustrating. I sighed and took my rage out on a few glass vases that had been on the shelves near us. Picking them up and throwing them to the ground one-by-one, felt amazing on my stress level. Watching them shatter was almost a release for me and I calmed down after a few minutes. I sighed heavily and composed myself before walking out from behind the aisle to find the boys pretending to be diligently working. Louis was the first person my eyes landed on, he was leaning in close to Zayn and whispering something barely audible.

        I raised an eyebrow and asked curiously, "What was that, Louis? I couldn't hear you."

         Louis and Zayn immediately looked at me, their faces blank. "Uh.. nothing?" He said sheepishly. 

        I rolled my eyes and was going to turn around when Liam spoke exactly what was on my mind, "That sounded more like a question than an answer, mate." 

       I laughed a little when I heard Louis shush Liam and I chose to let his secret-keeping slip, this time. I walked over to the center aisle, where all of them would see me, and said bossily, "We're leaving in 5, so get what you need and pack it up. And try grabbing stuff that we all will need, like food and water."

         I turned around to get something for me, and was in the process of grabbing a big bag, full of god knows what, when I heard Niall question, “What about your Hollywood? She's coming with us, right?” 

        I turned around to find, not only him, but all of the boys staring at me questioningly. I sighed dramatically, and said irritably,  “Yes, and he knows that we’re going to leave soon If she’s not out in the truck in 5 minutes I’ll radio her. Okay?” I raised an eyebrow, and he just nodded solemnly before going back to stuffing his bag with snacks. I instantly felt bad for talking to him so bitchily, and decided that I would make it up to him later; but right now we need to focus on getting in the truck and leaving.

        I opened the camping bag I had found, and saw that it was already filled with a few snacks, 2 flashlights, a pack of batteries and a sleeping bag. I slung it over my shoulder as I grabbed a pillow from a nearby storage bin. I laughed a little as I heard Zayn talking to Niall, "Niall, you can't just take food. You have to grab other things too." I was turning around to tell the boys to meet me in the car and to comment on Niall only bringing food, when something caught my eyes. I was transfixed on the object as I faintly heard Niall argue back.

         "You get your own stuff and I'll get mine." His tone was sharp and defiant,  but his words didn't register I was in a complete trance. My eyes focused intently across the aisle where on a shelf, there was a little locket, slung around a plush, little toy bear. My face suck, immediately as I remember the memories I had kept locked away since the apocalypse had started. The memories that had haunted me since I was little, memories that I desperately did not want to remember.

        I could hear one of the approaching me, and I knew it was Liam by the tone in his voice as he yelled to Zayn, "We need stuff like food, clothes, blankets, and pillows; not hair products and combs. So you have no right to tell Niall not to be grabbing food." I was absently listening to Zayn's retort as I tried to push out the looming memories.

         "Well what if we meet someone out there? I want my hair to look good." He argued back. 

        There was a scoff behind me that came from one of the boys. "Who are we going to see out there? Hollywood and Vegas are the only other people we've seen in months..."  Harry said, trailing off at the end. I took a moment to consider the sadness in his voice, but disregarded it. I shook off the feeling of remorse and replaced it with denial and a fake smile as I turned to approach the boys.

        "Besides, aren't you, Louis and Harry getting that stuff?" Zayn said, ignoring Harry's sarcastic comment. 

        I looked at Liam who was giving Zayn an annoyed look, "Yes, but that doesn't mean that you can't help us."

        I heard Louis give a snicker before interrupting Zayn who was going to say something else, "Well looks like Niall's getting the food, and Zayn's got all the hair product we need."

        “Okay guys,” I yelled over my shoulder, after getting sick of hearing them bicker. “Let’s go; only a few hours left until dark and we don’t want to be out in the dark with no shelter.” I stood there, waiting, while they walked over to me. Louis had a sly look on his face as he quietly mocked Zayn for his choice of stuff to bring. Niall was caressing the food he had gathered while simultaneously ignoring Liam, who was telling him it wasn't too late to get some other essentials. I covered the smile that was threatening to escape, with a clearing of my throat. I glanced at Harry and saw that although he was clutching two bags of supplies, he still had a glum and depressed expression on his face.
        I disregarded what they were currently doing and motioned which way we were going to be walking. Once we began the short walk across the store, I began to think about the seating arrangements. I thought about it for a moment and then realized that even with the console out, in my extended cab, there were only 6 seats. I was ripped from my thoughts as Liam spoke up, “So where are we going?” 

        I glanced over at him and shrugged, “I don’t know. Somewhere where we can either; lock up and keep Zombies out of or somewhere that is already Zombie free and we can keep it that way." I paused, my mind floating back to the seating arrangements,  "All I know is that we are going to have to find this place soon, or else we’ll be left outside, defenseless, with the treat of Zombies, raiders, ferals, quislings and cannibals looming over us.”

         I stepped over a stuffed animal as Louis asked me, “Well what’s the difference between a ‘feral’, a quisling and a cannibal?” 

        I smiled at him as we stopped at the entrance to open the locked doors, “Excellent question: a feral is someone who has lost all human morals and has had to resort to their animal instincts, a quisling is someone who thinks they’re a Zombie, but is actually just delusional, and a cannibal is someone who just eats people for the fun of it, or for a religious reason.” I paused, letting the information I had just given them sink in. I waited for their reactions and I heard Louis give a quiet "Ohh..."

        After a moment of an uncomfortable silence, Niall asked hesitantly, "Are we going to run into a lot of ferals and cannibals and stuff?" 

        I didn't immediately answer him, due to me trying to get the lock off of the door. But when I did, the mood changed,  “Hollywood and I have only seen a few quislings, but we did have a run-in with a tribe of cannibals the last time we were in L.A. and let me tell you that that was not fun at all.”

        Soon enough the boys and I were standing outside in front of my pride and joy. “Don’t worry, if we run into any danger I’ll protect you guys.”

        I gave them a wink and laughed a little as Harry said confidently with a smile, “I think that we’ll end up protecting you guys.”

        I looked at him and gave him an ‘oh really’ look and raised an eyebrow at his confident smile, “Says that boy who got a black eye from tripping over a chair. Don’t worry, your pretty little head off, curly,” I said as I tousled his hair mockingly, like you would a child’s, as I spoke to him condescendingly “I’ll make sure no other chairs give you a hard time.” He tried to protest me, but I turned around before he could say anything. I heard him give a small huff and shush the other boys, that were horribly trying to stifle their laughs.

        Once we were outside, and standing in front of the truck my mood turned happy. The thought of the open road had always comforted me. I walked around to the backside of the truck and put my right foot on the bumper, hoisting myself into the tailgate. I carelessly threw down the camping bag and pillow that I had found, and looked at the boys, “Give me your stuff.” I held out my hand in a demanding manor, to which all of the boys obliged.

        I turned around to see Liam gazing unsure at the truck, "Is there enough room for all of us?" Louis and the other boys nodded in agreement with Liam and mutter things like, "Yeah, it doesn't look like there's enough seats.''

        I set the stuff down against the back of the tailgate and hopped out of the back and landed on the ground gracefully, to my own surprise. I reached into my boot quickly and grabbed the walkie-talkie; I hit the ‘call’ button, as I delayed answering their questions. I stood up and looked at the boys, “Well, you see I only have 6 seats in the actual truck part, and that’s if we takeout the console... so one or two of you is going to have to camp out in the tailgate.” I said, trying not to beat around the bush. I was hoping that they would be more understanding of the situation and two of them would volunteer to sit in the tailgate. I saw all of the boys rake their hands through their own hair nervously, and almost in perfect sync, causing me to give a slight 'awe' look at their almost robotic movement. 

        "Well can't we just do some lap sitting instead?" Zayn suggested.

        "Yeah," Liam chimed in "Louis could drive and then you and Hollywood could just sit on our laps." 

        A slight blush made its way to my cheeks, but I couldn't let the boys see that. I noticed the sudden change in all of their moods, an almost instant change from nervous to excited. Which made me think for a second how long it had gotten laid, let alone see girls. "Uh, let me think about that... no" I smirked as their faces fell a little.

        I turned around and dropped the tailgate as I heard Harry protest me, "Oh come on, you can't say you don't like the idea of getting to sit on my lap." My cheeks instantly heated up and I cursed at myself for being so easily embarrassed. But then I thanked God for me already being turned around, so my blushing was hidden from the very attractive boys behind me.

         I was searching for an witty answer, but Louis beat me to it, "I think that you'd be the one to like it, Haz."

         I laughed a little and turned back around just in time to see Harry shooting a snickering Louis a glare. I leaned against the tailgate as Harry turned his attention to me and said hopefully, "Besides that, if we did some lap sitting that would be much safer than two people sitting in a tailgate... with no seat belts or protection."

        I rolled my eyes at him, “You guys are such babies... Niall and Harry, get in the tailgate.”

        I smiled at them as Harry protested with a scowl, "Why do I have to sit in the back?" 

        I stifled a laugh and said coolly, "Because you suggested that I sit on your lap, so get in the back." He gave a huff, but didn't further the argument.

         “Well why do I have to sit in the back? Pick someone else.” I laughed a little at Niall, “You're lucky; just think about having to be in the back while it’s dark, at least you guys have little light.” I gave a little giggle at the rest of the boys’ worried looks, but I covered it up with a cough since I was trying to portray a ‘bad-ass’. Not an angst-y, hormonal, girl that was talking to her favorite boy band. I motioned for Harry and Niall to climb over the tailgate and they got in, without as much as a grumble or profanity, this time.

         I saw Hollywood coming out of the store, and immediately pulled myself together as she said without a trace of hesitation, “Okay, let’s get going.” 

        I began making my way to the driver’s side door, checking to make sure we had everyone, while Louis and Zayn followed behind me. They climbed in after I opened the door for them, and as I sat down in the drivers seat I looked over to see everyone else already in. I checked my rear-view mirror to find Harry and Niall sitting unhappily in the tailgate, and I just laughed to myself a little as I pulled the keys from my bra. I saw that Zayn had given me a weird look so I defended my action, “Don’t judge, who says that a bra’s only job is to hold boobs?” He nodded at me and lifted his arms up, showing that he understood and wasn't going to argue with me.

        I started the car and took one last look around before pulling off of the curb and back onto the main road. As we pulled out of the parking lot, I made sure to hit the curb with the back tire. Once I hit it, Harry and Niall had to brace themselves as they were tossed into the air slightly. I shouted, “Curb check!” 

        After they landed I checked my side-view mirror to find Harry and Niall shouting, “Watch where you’re going!” I laughed a little at them with Hollywood; Liam; Louis and Zayn and gave them both a coy wink before turning onto the road and driving off.

        After 15 minutes I could feel my eyelids growing heavier and heavier as I listened to Hollywood tell Liam our whole life story; she seemed to be in a much better mood than before, when she stormed off in the store. I tried to shake my head, hoping that that would keep me awake, but it only made me even sleepier. I could feel myself drifting off to sleep as Hollywood talks about her life before the apocalypse, but before I could do anything my eyes were closed and I was fast asleep behind the wheel.

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