On The Wild Side

Marcel Styles was the type of person that people bullied He was the picture poster child for nerd that got the perfect grades. He was awkward, couldn't have fun, and most definitely couldn't talk to girls. So what happens when shy Marcel comes under the influence of 4 bad boys that want to see what they are capable of making him in to? Read below to find out ;)


1. Get To Know Marcel

Marcel's POV

       "Hey, Nerd," the school jock, Cameron, yelled at me from across the cafeteria. This basically happened every day. First I would trip, fall, drop something, etc... Then I would be scrutinized for it. What these jerks didn't get was that, yeah, I am human and yeah, I make mistakes. My only friend is my guitar, and I'm fairly sure that my guitar has never bullied me in any way. I began to walk out of the cold, crowded room, ignoring the shouts of "loser," "geek," and the ever popular "nerd." I just walked right past them, ignoring the snickers and snide comments. Their hateful glares could be felt across the entire room.

       "You, get your feet off that table. The lunch ladies work very hard to keep them clean," I said with a faint whine in my tone. Yeah, my voice is a little nasally, but mum says that makes me unique. Now, these jocks and cheerleaders are a dime a dozen. They are at every school, lurking around looking for low self-esteem to make even worse. That is exactly what they are. Prowling bullies, who don't know a single thing about the person they are teasing. Suddenly, I am laying face down on the linoleum floor. Cameron, who had followed me down the long aisle way, had just tripped me. I could tell by his over-commercialized red sneakers. He laughed and pointed at me.

        "Get your face off the floor. The janitor works hard to keep 'em clean," he mocked in a high pitched voice. I just looked at him, trying to remember what I had ever done to wrong him. Nothing came to mind. Just as any other day, he shoved me. But today, there was something new. He shoved me directly into the school's four newest bad boys. They glared at Cameron, who backed away like a puppy that has just been kicked. The blonde one growled, and the one that had black hair whispered to him. The blonde one suddenly calmed. I scurried away on the ground, but the black-haired one dragged my back by my shirt collar. I couldn't get away, and hung limply as they dragged me off towards the bathroom. Two had my feet, and two had my arms. I shook in fear as I imagined the things they would do to hurt me.


Hey guys, sorry I suck at writing long chapters. This is Crazy*Mofo<3 by the way. Like, comment, fan, and favorite. This chapter was written by me, but all the coauthors are switching off every chapter. Hope you like!

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