On The Wild Side

Marcel Styles was the type of person that people bullied He was the picture poster child for nerd that got the perfect grades. He was awkward, couldn't have fun, and most definitely couldn't talk to girls. So what happens when shy Marcel comes under the influence of 4 bad boys that want to see what they are capable of making him in to? Read below to find out ;)


4. After School

Niall's POV

I stormed out of my last period class, Biology, hand in hand with my girlfriend. Christina was the only reason I even bothered to show up to this class. Her long, blonde hair whipped behind her as we exited the school building.

As soon as we reached my  black motorcycle I pressed my weight against hers. I pulled her into a strong embrace. Then I kissed her on the lips, my tongue dancing with hers. I shivered as she ran her hand through my also blonde hair. She was the only person who would see me this weak. It was a vow I promised to keep, because nobody knew of my past. Even Christina didn't know about the bullies at my old school. I could still remember the horrible feeling of hate I could feel when I saw the evil looks on each individual face. They all disliked me, I admitted. I had no friends at that school, so you could understand my excitement when I found out my mom would be transferring to a different factory.  When the kiss ended, I nibbled on her ear. "I thought about this all day" I whispered roughly. "Then why don't we," She said coyly and kissed me again,this time playing with my hair "Go back to yours?"  One of her hands was splayed on my chest and the other was round my waist.

The idea was tempting. But that was when I remembered the nerd. I would have to deal with him along with the boys wouldn't I, I thought exasperatedly. "I can't today, but I promise tomorrow," I said regretfully. A look of disappointment crossed her lovely features. I hated to see her upset but I had a strange feeling of happiness at the fact that I, Niall Horan, was wanted and would be missed by such a pretty girl. "I'll still drive you home though," I offered.

I lifted Christina by her waist effortlessly, her making a small noise of protest . I positioned her on the back of the bike and in the front of the bike was me. She wrapped her arms round my waist lovingly. She settled her chin on my shoulder, and I reached my head round and kissed her on the lips once again. Oh boy, tomorrow I would have to make it up, I thought when I saw her forlorn look. I kicked off the bike and sped off of school grounds. The sooner this day was over the better. We drove the whole way to her house while she whispered what we would be doing the following day.


This is Crazy*Mofo<3 here! Hope you like the chapter~ #TeamNiana

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