save me tonight

I woke up knowing what was going to happen my alarm clock suddenly goes off right that instant my stepdad calls me yes don't yes me you know exactly what I want I walked in his room and gave him his morning pleasure if I didn't do this I would get hurt so I say is there anything else you need ..yes some beer as I'm walking down stairs I notice blood in the back of my pants oh crap it's that time again I walk down stairs to gethis beer I was almost to the refrigerator when he comes running down stairs he grabs me and say s that morning pleasure wasn't pleasure


2. you found me

I woke up on a hard floor with one gorgeous boy standing above me are you ok he asked yes umm what is your name Kelly Martinez nice name mtg name is niall Horan I saw you here just lying. do you have any stay no my stepdad threw me out literalty yea I can see that well would you like to stay with me. Sure that's no problem we arrive to this big huge house so I just trusted him when I walked in I saw 4 other guys liam zany Louis and Harry I introduced my self hi I'm Kelly nice to meet you they all said umm Kelly would you like to sleep with me sure no problem that night I had nothing to were so I just wore. My panties and nialls t shirt while I was changing he accidentally walked in omg I'm so sorry no it's ok come in he could not keep staring he pufled out a couch and I said you can sleep up here with me I felt something touch me sorry it's ok I like it. he passionately kissed me next thing you know were boyfriend and girl friend
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