save me tonight

I woke up knowing what was going to happen my alarm clock suddenly goes off right that instant my stepdad calls me yes don't yes me you know exactly what I want I walked in his room and gave him his morning pleasure if I didn't do this I would get hurt so I say is there anything else you need ..yes some beer as I'm walking down stairs I notice blood in the back of my pants oh crap it's that time again I walk down stairs to gethis beer I was almost to the refrigerator when he comes running down stairs he grabs me and say s that morning pleasure wasn't pleasure


1. The Escape

I woke up knowing what was going to happen next I did nother hesitate as soon as my alarm went off I knew it was time I got up to brush my teeth and wash my face then I hear my stepdad yell KELLY coming I know what time it is don't remind me I gave him his pleasure do you need anything else no he slapped me and said u r dismissed as I got up off the floor I was thinking about leaving. I walked out of the room and. I. Packed my bag trying not to make noise I was walking out were you going bitch umm no were. You going somewhere. He slapped me and then he threw me out leave u filthy slut
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