Can Not Forget

Octavia is your normal teenager girl accept the fact that she can remember everything. One day a group of people come after Octavia, wanting to know why she can remember everything. To stay safe Octavia has to go on the run. What happens we she gets some help from One Direction along the way? Will romance bloom between Octavia and one if the boys?


1. They're Coming

I grabbed my duffel bag out from under my bed and ran over to my closet, throwing everything I might need in. I was in a rush to get everything and get out that I did not care about politely putting everything in. 

They were to be at my house any minute to take me away and I had to hurry. Climbing on to the deck outside my window and down the ladder I started to run towards the woods. I was running as fast a I could not daring to look back at my house. 

You are probably wondering why I am in the run. The truth is I have a gift. A gift that not everybody has. I am able to remember everything that happens. This group of people are after me so they can use me like some animal in a experiment. They want to figure out why I am able to remember everything, but I'm not going to let that happen. 

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