Baby Carrot

Emily was happy with louis they were in love until he broke up with her because he found someone new. He broke up with her right when she was about to tell him she was pregnant. Well its been five years and Emily has a baby carrot she loves her with her life. She has a best friend Danielle who yes is going out with liam Payne she is the only one who knows about Jasmia. But what if one day Danielle brings eleanor louis current girlfriend to her house. Will things go down hill from there
*A/N i have gotten ideas for this book from varies of books :) i would give them all credit but that would take days but this is my idea mainly so COPYRIGHT thanks bye please read*


1. Please read this it will help (introductions)

Name: Jasmia Anne Jonson 

Age: 5

Jasmia is a model for The Children's Place and is in A couple commercials, sometimes is on little kid shows on disney. She likes to sing while were in church very happy child and loves life.


  Name: Emily Jade Jonson 

age: 23 

I work at a bakery that is in our town i sometimes do plays and i can sing. I don't date anymore after Jasmia was born i had to focus on her and school. But Danielle helped alot and she keeps me up to date with louis and such 


  Name: Louis Tomlinson 

Age: 23 

Last i heard 1D is over but there still famous and Are still friends like best friends he is now engaged to eleanor I miss him like crazy but he thinks im dead probley  


Name: Eleanor Calder 

Age: 22

I don't know her i have never met her but i think she is a model and is engaged to Louis 


Name: Danielle Peazer


My best friend we are always together she is a dancer/Model to Jasmia she is Aunty dani but yeah she is going out with liam and i love her to death she is like the sister i never had  


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