Baby Carrot

Emily was happy with louis they were in love until he broke up with her because he found someone new. He broke up with her right when she was about to tell him she was pregnant. Well its been five years and Emily has a baby carrot she loves her with her life. She has a best friend Danielle who yes is going out with liam Payne she is the only one who knows about Jasmia. But what if one day Danielle brings eleanor louis current girlfriend to her house. Will things go down hill from there
*A/N i have gotten ideas for this book from varies of books :) i would give them all credit but that would take days but this is my idea mainly so COPYRIGHT thanks bye please read*


4. MY best friend

Jasmia's POV

Today was my first day of school i was a tad nervous. My daddy got me a I pod and mama download a bunch of random music but i tend to like a song called 'jesus, Take the wheel' by carrie underwood.

"Hi" i said to the boy sitting next to me"hey What's your name" he smiled "Jasmia Tomlinson" I giggled he had a funny accent and had blonde hair and baby blue eyes "James Horan I don't know my daddy though" he said while looking down "Oh...i can tell were gonna be best friends" i said "Totally" he giggled his laugh was so cute! god jasmia your only in the first grade I just giggled 

*at home*

"Hey daddy?" i said while jumping onto the bed "Yes baby" he said "ya know uncle niall" i asked "mhhm what about him" he asked "i think im best friends with his kid his last name is horan" i asked "Oh no is his the kids name James" he asked "Yeah" i said "Oh that's his cousin's son" said dad "Oh well He is MY best friend" i smiled "okay baby" said dad 

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