Baby Carrot

Emily was happy with louis they were in love until he broke up with her because he found someone new. He broke up with her right when she was about to tell him she was pregnant. Well its been five years and Emily has a baby carrot she loves her with her life. She has a best friend Danielle who yes is going out with liam Payne she is the only one who knows about Jasmia. But what if one day Danielle brings eleanor louis current girlfriend to her house. Will things go down hill from there
*A/N i have gotten ideas for this book from varies of books :) i would give them all credit but that would take days but this is my idea mainly so COPYRIGHT thanks bye please read*


5. i love you./

Okay so i know its been 3 months and i haven't wrote but middle school hurts.....

Words hurt :/


sorry i haven't wrote and i'm going to try to write again.

i still love 1D so much hasn't changed expect for the fact i'm depressed

Oh and can some one pls give me advice about the middle school thing :/ it would help

But i was gonna get on today and shut down my account but i love my fans to damn much

Kik: strawberry_scared


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