Baby Carrot

Emily was happy with louis they were in love until he broke up with her because he found someone new. He broke up with her right when she was about to tell him she was pregnant. Well its been five years and Emily has a baby carrot she loves her with her life. She has a best friend Danielle who yes is going out with liam Payne she is the only one who knows about Jasmia. But what if one day Danielle brings eleanor louis current girlfriend to her house. Will things go down hill from there
*A/N i have gotten ideas for this book from varies of books :) i would give them all credit but that would take days but this is my idea mainly so COPYRIGHT thanks bye please read*


2. Eleanor?

Emily's POV 

"Mommy Mommy Mommy get Up Up Up now Aunty Dani is here and she brought a friend" Yelled Jasmia at the top of her lungs to wake me up. "Baby did you let them in" I asked "No dani has a key member" she said "Kay who's the friend" i asked while getting out of bed. "Eleanor Calder she is Engaged to Louis Tomlinson" she smiled tears entered my eyes just at the thought he was engaged. That's when Danielle walked she saw me near to tears "Baby Go in your room" she said to Jasmia "what's wrong" she added after Jasmia walked out. "why did you bring eleanor here you know i still like louis" "you should tell her" she said 

Eleanor POV

Danielle had to go see if Emily was okay. I guess Emily and Louis were a thing but i'm cool with it. then i heard talking "you should tell her" i heard Danielle say then i walked to the door "Tell me what" i asked "Um" said Emily "Louis and Emily have a kid together but louis doesn't know your the second Too know" Said Danielle she then received a death glare from Emily i was in complete shock "H-how Old i-is she" i Manged to get out "Five years old" said Emily I was crushed i can't marry louis knowing this louis should be with her not me. I felt tears fall down my face then i ran out of the house And drove to me and louis house "hey babe" said louis "You have a Daughter" I cried "what? Where?" he asked "Emily Jonson" i cried. Then he got up and left I think we won't be getting married any time soon 

 Jasmia's POV

I sat in my room Aunty dani came in and said good bye all i could think Is what is happening out there then i looked at the clock and saw i have a shoot in 30 mins so i got up to get ready. Then i heard a male voice then there was yelling and i got a little worried but i had to get ready so i went thought my closet to find what i had to wear and i had to wear A grey sweater and black jeans and some pink flats. Then i walked out to the living room to see a male and my mom.... KISSING oh my gosh. Gross "Uh Hello" I giggled the man looked at me. He looked like me so much in so many ways was he my dad? No No mom wouldn't keep that from me "Hi I'm Louis but you can call me dad'' I was in shock. My Mother had tear marks all over her face I looked at her to see if it was a joke "that's you dad" she said weakly her voice was super shaky "Where were you" I asked him i was near to tears. "Um-" "Do you hate me" I yelled as tears fell from my face i can't believe this i'm 5 and my Dad thinks he can just walk into my life. "No Baby" he said while picking me up and taking me to my room "I Love you and i'm sorry i haven't been there for you but i will be here from now on baby...Carrot" he said I giggled at his nickname for me "I Love you too Daddy Carrot" i Laughed then my mom walked in. "What about eleanor" asked my mom "I can't Just leave you again i was a total dick and i wanna be with you" he said i was a little confused but i knew  not to ask. So I just stood there "O-Okay" said my mom "Ill go talk-" Then i saw eleanor standing there "Louis i'm braking up with you you need to be with Emily and Jasmia" Said eleanor Then daddy picked me up and Nodded and held my mom close "That's okay eleanor" he said Then she walked out.

"I missed shoot" i said holding back my giggles "don't worry i called them we just have to go tomorrow but you still have to Film tomorrow so you have to do double" my mom said "Okay" I smiled 

Emily's POV 

I got a text from who i think is eleanor idk though :


I Left Louis for you i hope you guys are happy You wont be hearing from me again 




tell me what you think in the comments love you bye My little Party Animals  

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