Baby Carrot

Emily was happy with louis they were in love until he broke up with her because he found someone new. He broke up with her right when she was about to tell him she was pregnant. Well its been five years and Emily has a baby carrot she loves her with her life. She has a best friend Danielle who yes is going out with liam Payne she is the only one who knows about Jasmia. But what if one day Danielle brings eleanor louis current girlfriend to her house. Will things go down hill from there
*A/N i have gotten ideas for this book from varies of books :) i would give them all credit but that would take days but this is my idea mainly so COPYRIGHT thanks bye please read*


6. 9 Years Later. (Chapter)

Jasmia's POV


I sat on my bed quietly while music blasted through my room. We were sitting awkwardly but we i mean James horan. We have been friends since we were five now I'm 14 and he's 15, We aren't talking cause he's dating my best friend lily who he just met when i have had a crush on him since i was 6. It sucks plus i just told him i like him. That's when Skinny Love ~ Birdy. It's my favorite song.Well its been awhile so let me catch you up.Let's go though the years you missed

6~ I started to like James

7~ Mum and Dad Got married

8~ i Got 2 new best friends Lily and Hannah

9~ I Got the best guy friend in the world *other than James* Dylan

10~My dad's band became best friends again and mum perrie and Dani became friends again *they lost touch*

11~i got my ears pieced

12~ stopped liking James and started dating Dylan

13~got cheated on, started liking James again

14~ told James i like him and he started dating my best friend *shes known i liked him since i started liking him*

"Jasmia?" James asked

"Here" i sighed

"You okay" he asked

"nope" I snapped


"Your dating my best friend" i said calmly

"I don't like you like you like that!" he started to raise his voice

''I know I'm ugly no need to tell it to me twice!" i screamed near tears 

Before he could continue Uncle Ni Uncle Li and uncle zayn and harry and dad burst through the door "whats going on" my dad asked that's when i started crying "James can i talk to you?'' said uncle ni. Perrie came in. "can i talk to her alone please" asked perrie with that everyone left but perrie. "Love whats going on?" she asked "I like James no i love James yet he's dating my best friend who knew i liked him since i was 6" I cried "it's okay hun i think you need some time alone" she got up and left.

i put on big girls don't cry by fergie it's one of my favorites

i started to sing along


"I hope you know, I hope you know
That this has nothing to with you
It's personal, myself and I
We've got some straightenin' out to do

And I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket
But I've got to get a move on with my life
It's time to be a big girl now
And big girls don't cry
Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry" I sang as loud as i could

*Phone rings*

(J-Jasmia L-lily)

J- Hello?

L- i thought you weren't mad about me and James?!

J- Wasn't mad?!? I have liked him since i was 6

L- *Silence* He loves me not you

J- ......

L- Face it  he will never love you like that i asked him what he thought about you he said like a sister but she pretty ugly

J- calling someone ugly won't make you pretty darling

L- I can get a guy obviously you can't 

J- Oh really?

L- yup face it your the ugly friend i love you but I'm done sugar coating things

J- well so am i whore

L- Fu-

J- Bye Hoe!

__Couple mins. later___

"you called her a hoe" i James yelled through the door

"she called me ugly" i yelled back

"well it's true." he screamed

"James!!" Uncle Ni screamed

"yup" i said

''fuck off ugly ass!!" James Kicked the door *its locked*

"JAMES WERE LEAVING" screamed Niall

Tears fell from my face i sighed

*phone beeps*

I gasped it was Luke

*my old old crush*

Wanna hang out later lily's a real bitch sometimes eh? - Luke

Sure cx and yeah she is :') - Jas

Lol meet me at the park? - Luke

Yess oh and how did you hear? - Jas

James.- Luke

Oh...- Jas

what did he say? - Luke

I'm ugly its true - Jas

No it's not love he's a bitch sometimes too - Luke

Hahaha I'm surprised you said that aren't you guys bestie's - Jas

he's still a dick!! - Luke

Lol #rebels!! - Jas


Hell yeah bitch - Jas

see ya there!! :-* - Luke

Okay whore! - Jas

Lmao!! Bye slut- Luke

I laughed




''can i go to the skate park''

''yeah no James or lily right?''

''nope Luke''

''he's a nice kid''

''yup'' i laughed



I tried my best guys hope you love!!











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