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Hey guys, leave your requests for a preference. I want this book to be a lot more mature than my last one, so I will do dirty ones.


5. (Samantha) Your Wedding Night... Liam Payne

A/N: CAUTION: Extremely Dirty!!!


The limo pulls away from the resort that just held your wedding ceremony. You watched all of your friends and family wave goodbye as you drove away. You looked over at Liam your new husband, and you couldn’t help but smile. He is still in his tux, and you are still in your dress.


“Are you excited Mrs. Payne?” He asked you with a smile. You giggled.


“I’ve never been more excited in my life.” The limo drove you to the beach and dropped you two off in front of a huge beach house mansion. Liam got out of the car and walked around to your side, opened the door and lifted you out of the car. “I love you.” You say with a giggle as you kiss his neck. He carries you through the front door, and into the huge master bedroom dropping you on the bed softly.


“Are you ready to get this thing off?” He pushed down your sleeve with a smile and kneeled down in front of you pulling off your shoes.


“I’ve been ready all night.” You giggled excitedly and stood up; pulling your hair over your shoulder so he could unzip the beautiful white dress that took you nearly a year to find. He kisses the back of your neck as his hand slowly slides the zipper down your back. He pulls your dress down and it drops to your feet leaving you in only your black lace bra and panties. He eyes your body up and down with and excited smile before you turn around and unbutton his jacket dropping it onto the floor with your dress. You pull of his shirt leaving his torso bare. The lighting in room perfectly shown all of his muscles. You kiss him passionately on the lips before trailing kisses down his neck and chest. You trace your fingers over his abs, and drag your hands down his stomach until you reach his pants. You unbutton his pants and they drop to the floor revealing his large member hidden under his boxers. You stand up off of your knees, and kiss him passionately as he wraps his arms around your back and unclips your bra with one swift movement.


He lifts you up by your thighs as your legs throttle his hips, and kisses you long and hard. He pushes you up against the wall, and grinds his hips into yours. He moves over to the bed and lays you onto the bed pushing your shoulders down so you’re on your back. He lays over you resting his weight on his elbows. Leaning down to kiss your neck instantly finding your soft spot and sucking hard causing you to moan loudly and leaving a dark mark. He slowly trails kisses down to your chest and over your stomach until he reaches your panties slowly sliding them down your legs. He stands up, grabs both of your ankles, and pulls you to the edge of the bed spreading your legs. You sit up and look down at him both of you laughing.


“Who made you this wet?” He asked seductively winking up at you. You giggled before leaning down.


“My husband.” You whispered into his ear. You leaned back again and he continued to kiss your thighs as he rubbed your clit causing you to roll your head back and groan. He slowly slips a finger inside you and starts to pump. You bite your bottom lip to keep yourself from screaming as he slides another finger deep inside you pumping harder and faster. “Liam… I’m close.” You stutter.


“Wait baby, hold it.” He says with a smile and he pulls his fingers out of your and licks them clean. He moves on top of you again and positions himself at your entrance. He kisses your jaw line softly. “You and me, forever baby.” He whispers and then thrusts hard into you, pushing his whole length in hard causing you to scream in pain and pleasure. “Are you ready?” he asks you with a pleasure full smile. You look up at him and bite your bottom lip.


“Mmhmm” You nod, and at the same time you both release together and moan in pleasure. He kisses you passionately before rolling off to your side. The room now full of an incredibly heated and romantic atmosphere. You were both panting heavily and your skin glistened with sweat. “How much longer is this honeymoon?” You asked him with a smile. He tangled his fingers in yours, and pulled you onto his chest.


“Forever.” He sighed. “Are you ready for round 2?” You looked at him with a mischievous grin.


“I wanna stay up all night with you.”


A/N: Lol, sorry the end is really cheesy :D I hope you like it.

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