Preference Book

Hey guys, leave your requests for a preference. I want this book to be a lot more mature than my last one, so I will do dirty ones.


4. (Emily) Your Pregnant... Harry Styles imagine

You slowly crawl out of the bed so that your don’t wake up Harry. It’s only 2:30 in the morning, but you can’t sleep. You walk into the kitchen and make yourself some tea. As you are making it you feel two strong arms wrap around your waist. “Can’t sleep?” he asks into your ear.


“I’m just not feeling very well.” You say softly as you take a sip of your hot tea. “I tried not to wake you up.” You say as you turn around to give him a kiss.


“Don’t worry about it, my baby is sick, I have to help her.” He says kissing your check and then grabbing  your hand softly and leading you to the living room couch. You sit down and then he walks back into the kitchen and comes out moments later with some medicine. He sits down next to you, wraps his arm around your shoulders and pulls you in close. You slowly fall asleep in the comfort of his body.


In the morning you are feeling a little better, so you let Harry go off to work. Once he’s gone you quickly make your way into the bathroom and you pull out a pregnancy test that you had hidden away. You had already taken two and they were both positive, but you had to make sure.


After waiting five minutes for the test, the small pink plus sign showed up right were it had the last two times, and the tears started flowing. You have no idea how to raise a child let alone if Harry even wants one.


All day you paced back and forth around the house contemplating how you are going to tell him. You ended up calling your best friend and she told you to just make him dinner, and tell him straight up. So, that’s what you did.


As you were finishing up the pasta you heard the front door open. “Emily, I’m home. How are you feeling?” He asked you sweetly as he walked into the kitchen.


“I’m great.” You said faking a smile. You kissed him sweetly, and he helped you set the table. As you sat down across from him you started to get really nervous. He reached over and took your hand in his trying to calm you down.


“What’s wrong?” He asked you concern covering his features.


“I have to tell you something, promise me you won’t get mad.” You said looking him straight in the eyes. He nodded his head softly.


“Why would I be mad?” You took your hand from his and you took a deep breath.


“I’m pregnant.” You said looking down at your hands. “I took three tests this morning, so I’m absolutely positive, but we can go to the doctor if you don’t believe me.” Your hands started to shake, and tears blurred your as you rambled on. “I-I’m so sorry Harry, I didn’t plan on…” He leaned over the table and kissed you. You both quickly stood up, and he wrapped his arms around your waist. Pulling you in to his chest. You pulled away and looked at him with a smile. “You’re not mad?” You asked innocently.


“We’re in this together baby. We did this together.” He said kissing the tip of your nose.


A/N: sorry it took me so long... I'm not feeling very well today I slept until three this afternoon. Anyway, I hope you like it.

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