Preference Book

Hey guys, leave your requests for a preference. I want this book to be a lot more mature than my last one, so I will do dirty ones.


9. (Cat) How you meet... Harry imagine

“Yes, I’ll be there.” I said a little annoyed into my phone. It’s the fifth time my cousin has called me to ask if I’ll be at her party tonight. It’s not that I’m famous, ever since we were old enough to do things she has tried to get me to go to her ‘events’ as she likes to say, that includes birthdays, sleepovers, school dances. I guess she just looks up to me, even though she is only a year younger than me. Unfortunately, since I’ve been busy for like 4 years straight, I haven’t been able to see her in a long time. This is her first real high school party that she has ever hosted, so I have to be there for her. The fact that it is a high school party leads me to believe that I shouldn’t dress up for it, so I slide on a pair of jeans, with a little difficulty I might add. I must be gaining weight because I swear jeans just keep getting tighter. I pulled on a random black band t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off, and a beanie. I figure this is what an average teenager my age would wear to a party, so I’m gonna go with it. It took my time getting there, because I doubt anyone is going to be on time, and it turns out that I was the first one there too.


“Hi Lauren.” I say when the door opens revealing my incredibly beautiful cousin. She doesn’t look much like me, she is short, and has blonde hair and green eyes. Her hair is naturally straight, and has always been really long. She has it braided down one shoulder, and it still reaches her stomach. She is wearing a crop top, and high-waisted jean shorts that look really good on her.


“Hey Harry, I honestly didn’t think you would show up.” I pulled her into a warm hug.


“Why wouldn’t I show up?” I asked her slightly offended at her comment.


“Because you’re like super important now.” She laughed and then walked inside to another room. There was a girl in the room. An incredibly fit girl I might add. She wasn’t any taller than Lauren, but she was gorgeous.


“Harry, this is my friend Jasmine, but we call her Cat. Cat, I’m sure you know Harry.” She politely introduced us, and I held out my hand to shake hers. She instantly took it without hesitating, and I held it for a moment.


“Why do they call you Cat. That sounds nothing like Jasmine. Is it your middle name, or do you just really like cats.” I joked, and she laughed releasing my hand at the same time.


“No, my last name is Cattouse. It's short for that.” I nodded with a smile.


“That makes sense.” I said before sitting down next to her. After a while there were at least 100 people in the house, and it was a real party. I haven’t seen Cat since the first group of people arrived.


“Hey, Harry. Do you wanna play spin the bottle with us. I know it’s probably way too childish for you, but its fun.” Lauren yelled across the room. I laughed at something the guy I was talking to said, and then made my way to where she was. She was sitting in a bedroom with five other people. So, including me, there were three girls, and three boys. We all sat in a circle and aside from Cat and Lauren, I didn’t know any one, but I’m up for anything really. Lauren went first spinning the empty bear bottle until it landing on some guy. He had spiked blonde hair, and was wearing an aeropastle t-shirt, Hollister cargo shorts, Nike socks, and Nike slides. Lauren laughed when he winked at her, and everyone else in the circle ‘ooohhhed’ dramatically causing me to laugh. The both crawled into the center and kissed quickly before returning to their seats.


Next was Cat. She spun the bottle, and after a few spins it landed on me. I grinned cheekily, and looked at her as a rosy blush crept onto her cheeks. She giggles nervously before we both crawled into the center. She looked over at Lauren for some reassurance, the is obviously her first time playing this game. While her head was turn I leaned into her ear. “You look really good.” I whispered causing her to turn back to me and giggle with a wide smile.


“Are you going to kiss or not.” Another girl said. We looked at her for a moment, and then focused back on each other. Leaning in and pressing out lips together.


Your POV


Butterflies filled your stomach, if only he know his face was your screensaver. You lean in slowly, and when your lips touched you saw sparks. The kissed started to get so heated, that eventually Lauren had to pull you apart. Before you sat back down Harry kissed your cheek softly. You couldn’t wipe the smile from your face no matter how hard you tried.


“You two are cute.” Lauren whispered in your ear as the bottle spun around again, I told you, you would have fun tonight. She said causing your smile to grow even bigger.



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