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Hey guys, leave your requests for a preference. I want this book to be a lot more mature than my last one, so I will do dirty ones.


11. #6 Something I Need (One Republic)

It's based off of this song ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Niall's POV

"I had a dream the other night

about how we only get one life

woke me up right after two

stayed awake and stared at you

so I wouldn't lose my mind"

...I watched you from the other side of the room. It was foggy inside and after a few moments of just staring at eachother it started to rain, and the roof caved in. I saw horror strike your face and I panicked along with everyone else. I pushed through the crowe to get to you, but right when I spotted you and chunk of the roof fell ontop of me...

I shot up from bed wide awake now. What a terrible dream. I wiped my face and realised I had been crying. I slowly laid back down and turned towards you. You were peacfully sleeping, and you looked like an angel. I brushed a bit of hair out of your face and just watched you sleep. I couldn't stop smiling as I watched you. Without you here, I would probably lose my mind.


Louis's POV

"I had a week that came from hell

and, yes, I know that you could tell

but you're like the net under the ledge

when I go flying off the edge 

You go fly off as well"

I trudged through the front door with a 12 pack of beer in my hand that I had picked up on the way home. This week has been serious shit, I will do anything to just forget all of it. I dropped the beer on the coffe table, pulled one out of the box, and fell backwards onto the couch. I started to think back to everything that happened this week and my body overflowed with anger. I popped open the beer can andj chugged down the whole thing at once before crunching the can in my hand and throwing it angrily at the wall. I heard the front door open as I grabed another full can and popped it open. You walked through the door, but I didn't look I just took another swig of the alchohal and let it burn down my through. 

"Are you okay?" I heard you ask, but I didn't answer. I didn't care. I was just so angry I could seriously punch something. You walked out in front of me and blocked my beer can target, so I  just threw it behind me instead and reached out to take another can. "Do you mind If I join you?" You asked politely, but rudley ignored my answer before taking a can and plopping down on the couch next to me. It was actually quite suprising. I new you could tell I was pissed, and normally you shy away from me when I'm angry because, as you put it, 'I lose control and break things' which, in all honesty, is pretty damn accurate, but I can't help it. I had to try no the smile at the fact that you chose to sit next to me this time. I sipped my drink as you did the same, at this point I'm pretty drunk, so, as usual my anger boiled up, and I throw the remander of my drink at the wall splashing it everywhere and scratching the paint. normally you would be getting pretty upset at that, but instead you stood up, picked up the lamp and throw it at the wall with a frustrated scream, shattering it to peices. I looked over at you in pure amazement and we both started laughing. All my anger was replaced with love. I love you.


Harry's POV

"Last Night I drank to much

call it a temporary crutch, hey

with broken words I've tried to say

Honey don't you be afraid

if we've got nothing we've got us"

I drunkinly stumbled after you towards the front door of the bar. "(Y/N), wherare ya goin?" I asked, my words slurring together. You didn't answer me, so I ran out ahead of you. "Whatr you doin?" 

"You're drunk." You stated a little angrily.

"I know." Is all I could say. My head is swirling with brilliant things I could've said, but I couldn't. You laughed and rolled your eyes before pushing me aside and walking down the side walk. "(Y/N), wait!" I called out to you, and you stoped swiviling around to face me. "Come with me." I said holding out my hand to you. You sighed before taking it. I lead you out into the middle of the street. It's dark, and there are a few cars that honk at us before moving on.

"What are we doing?" you said with fear in each word. You were gripping my hand tightly, and it kind of hurt. "Harry, you're not thinking straight." You said trying to turn back, but I didn't let you. 

"I'm fine, it's just a temporary crutch. look at me." I said softly lifting your chin up to face me. "You can't be mad at me." I started and you listened intently but I could tell you were still angry. "You can't be mad at me because you are the only one that cares about me." I said letting the words in my mind finally slide out of my mouth.

"But Harry, you do stupid stuff, and sometimes you drink to much, and it scares me." You said truthfully, ignoring another car.

"Honey, don't be afraid." I said as I rested my hands on the small of your back. "Without eachother we have nothing, but if we've got nothing, we've got us." I stated with a smile realising how good that sounded. You mimicked my smile and planted a soft kiss on my drunk lips. 


Zayn (no ones pov)

"I know that we're not the same

but I'm so damn glad that we made it

to this time, this time, around"

You and Zayn just got back together after a long break up. He was leaving for tour, and you had your own job. You had different lives, and it was hard to be togher. You hadn't talked to him since he left, and yestarday he showed up at your house out of nowhere and pleaded for you to get back together. You couldn't resist, you knew it would be tough to keep your relationship going this time, but you are going to make it. 

"I love you, I never stopped loving you." Zayn spoke up, breaking the silence betweent your two bodies. He pulled you into his bare chest tightly. You sighed and kissed his hand. You missed this feeling. "I know we're not the same, I know we have different lives. I know it's going to be tough." He paused as you listend intently to what he had to say. "But I'm so damn glad that we made it to this time. We may not have been together, but neither of us wanted to be a part. It was just a temperary seperation, and know we are here, and we will be here this time next year, and every year after that." You couldn't help but smile at his perfect optimism. 

"I love you." You whispered to him.


Liam's POV

"You got something I need

yeah in this world full of people there's one killing me

and if we only die once I wanna die with you"

I looked over at Niall standing next to me in his tux. He shot me an encouraging smile as the music started to play, and I nervously started to play with my fingers. Everyone in the pews stood up as the big doors in the back of the room opened up. I watched anxiously over the crowd trying to see you, and the moment I spotted you I lost my breath. You looked beautiful, like an angel all in white. I couldn't take my eyes off of you as you floated down the isle, a permanent smile plastered on my face. You caught my stare after a moment as started blushing. I can't belive this is finally happening. 


"Liam, please recite your vows." I looked up at you with a smile. You are so stunning that it hurts my heart. You are finally mine forever. 

"(Y/N), we have been through so much together, and I need you. This world is full of people, and you are the only one I want, the only one I need. I literally can't breath when I see you, you kill me every time. I want to be with you forever, and if we only die once, I wanna die with you. I want to wake up every day and see you next to me until the day that you truly take my breath away. I love you." the words flew out of my mouth so easily like I have been waiting to say them my entire life. Your smile lit up the room, and my knees grew weak. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.




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