Preference Book

Hey guys, leave your requests for a preference. I want this book to be a lot more mature than my last one, so I will do dirty ones.


10. #5 You Overhear Him Talking About You

A/N: I havn't updated this in a while, sorry. I have a ton of Preferences written, so I'm just going to make this into a preference book I think. Enjoy :D


You walk by the living room door slowly when you hear Liam talking and you turn to walk in but you stop in your tracks just as you enter to listen to what they are talking about.

"(Y/N)'s really hot." Niall says causing all of the boys to burst out laughing but Liam who gives him an incredibly intimidating stare. "Sorry, I'm just being honest." He adds.

"Yeah, How did you land a girl like that?" Louis chimed in as you slowly backed out of the room to listen safely. 

"I don't know. Can you stop talking about her like that." He said seriously, protectively.

"No, hot girls are supposed to be talked about. Plus, she's got a nice butt." Louis continued to tease Liam. "If you hadn't asked her out I probably would've. She looked awesome in that dress she wore the other day, and her legs..." he drifted off as he pictured you in his head. He was only saying these things to make Liam mad and it was obviously working.

"Shut up Louis!! She is My girlfriend, and I love her. You better treat her with respect!! I'm not afraid to knock you out!!!" He shouted and you couldn't help but smile. You heard Niall, Zayn and Harry burst out laughing at Louis. You could practically feel the tension in the air between Liam and Louis.



"Where is (Y/N)?" you heard Zayn ask as he walked into the house along with the other boys. You were sitting in the kitchen and where about to go out to welcome them, but you decided to listen to them instead.

"Why?" Harry asked him curiously.

"I don't know, cause she's so cool, fun to hang out with and stuff." Zayn answered. 

"Yeah, she's great, isn't she." Harry said and you could hear the smile on his face. 

"She really is, you're so lucky to have a girl like her." Liam added, and you heard Harry lightly chuckle. 

"You deserve her." Louis said.

"I don't think I deserve her at all. I feel like I could be better. But I love her so much ya know." Harry started as they all sat down in the living room.

"I can tell she loves you though. Just the way her face gets when she sees you. She loves you." Niall started. 

"Yeah." Harry chirped. You looked out the kitchen door and saw him smiling at his shoes blushing liking a dork and you couldn't help but smile the same way.



"Bye, love ya." Louis said back to you through the phone before he hung up, or at least thought he did. "It was (Y/N)." You heard him say and you called out but he didn't hear you, so you figured he just forgot to hang up. You decided to continue to listen to him. Maybe you could pick up something juicy that you could use against him later.

"No kidding." Harry replied sarcastically. "You can't go an hour without talking to her." He joked and you smiled.

"Yes I can, I'm far from clingy. I don't need her. I bet I could go a whole day without talking to her, even a week." as he spoke his voice got deeper, trying to sound tougher. You were a little hurt by his words though.

"You could not. You flipped out that time she didn't call you back last week. You thought she was dead or something, but she was at the grocery store. You nearly cried." Niall pointed out, causing the phone to fill with laughter. 

"Shut up, I didn't cry. I was just worried, anyone would be worried. Plus she always answers. She seriously could've been dead you heartless bastard." He joked. 

"Whatever you say lover boy." Harry joked. "You're whipped." He added and everyone laughed.



"Whats wrong?" You heard Liam ask Niall. You had just sat down in the living room and you had no idea anyone was home. When you heard them in the other room it startled you at first, but you just continued to turn on the TV until you heard your name.

"I was just thinking about (Y/N). About the tour." He started.

"Oh, now I get it." Zayn chimed in. "This is your first tour since you've been with her. huh?" 

"yeah. I'm scared she isn't going to love me anymore." Niall spilled. "That's a long time to be away, ya know? She could met some other guy." You turned off the TV to listen. 

"Why the hell are you thinking like that? You're going to make yourself sick." Louis spoke sounding a little bit like a mother. "She's not goint to leave you, you're Niall Horan for gods sake. She's lucky to have you." He added.

"Shut up Louis, you make me sound like a jerk. Being famous doesn't mean anything for her. I love her too much to leave her." He sounded so pitiful that your eyes filled up with tears... you would never leave him.

"She loves you too, buddy. She says it all the time. She talks about you to everyone like your the only thing that matters to her. You two really have something special. Plus, I don't think Louis was talking about you being famous, he was talking about how you are a genuinely nice guy. Any girl would be lucky to have you. And you are lucky to have her." Liam spoke confidently, and he toke the words straight out of your mouth. You heard Niall laugh happily and you knew he was fine.



"How's (Y/N)?" Niall asked Zayn. You could hear their conversation clearly with your window open. They were all sitting around a fire in the back yard.

"She's fine, why do you ask?" Zayn asked curiously. 

"I don't know. She was just seems different. In a good way. Like she is so happy now that you two are together. I've known her forever, and she has never been this happy." Niall answered.

"Yeah, she is always smiling. She's practically glowing all the time." Harry added. 

"Yeah, she's great. We always have these deep conversations and it's perfect, we talk about ever thing. She makes me happy too. We are so similar, I always know when she is feeling upset, and I know just what to do, and it goes the other way around too." He continued with a big smile on his face.

"That sounds awesome. Like you two are connected or something. You both have changed, in a good way. Better. You need someone like that." Liam said, and you looked out the window connecting eye contact with Zayn without anyone noticing and you both just smiled at each other.

"Yeah, she's perfect." He replied while still looking at you.



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