Preference Book

Hey guys, leave your requests for a preference. I want this book to be a lot more mature than my last one, so I will do dirty ones.


8. #4 You Tell Him You're Pregnant


You walk back into the bathroom to check the pregnancy test. When you see the little plus sign you don’t know what to think. This is the fourth pregnancy test you have taken, and all of them have been positive. What if he doesn’t want a baby? What if he leaves? You’re almost in tears just thinking about it. You sit down on the toilet and stare at it, trying to soak it all in. You hear the front door open, and you know he is home.

“(Y/N), where are you?” you hear Louis yell.

“I’m back here babe.” You yell back nervously as you frantically scramble to hide all the pregnancy tests in the cabinet. He comes into the bathroom where you are and you welcome him home with a passionate kiss on the lips. “How was your day?” you ask him as you walk out of the bathroom.

"Great, but I'm exhausted." He complained with a sigh. "You have no idea how stressful my job is. But, luckily I can come home to our perfect relationship. I hope we stay the same as we are right now for a long time. I don't want anything to change between us, because I don't think I could handle it now." His words instantly made you start to shake, and he noticed. "What's wrong love?" He asked you as he kissed your forehead.

"Nothing." You fake a smile. "I just have a suprise for you, and I can't hold it in any longer. I can't wait to tell you." You say trying to buy yourself some time before you walked out of the bathroom, and towards the kitchen.

“So, what’s the surprise?” he yells after you catching you completely off guard and you hesitate. “What is it?” he pushes. You look down at your hands nervously, only building his anticipation. “You brought it up, you have to tell me now.” He says, and you can’t hold it in any longer.

“I’m pregnant!” You blurt out quickly. You immediately frown, and watch his face nervously for a reaction. When a big smile grows on his face you relax a little.

“YOU’RE PREGNANT!” he shouts with joy, and runs to you, picking you up in his arms and swinging you around the kitchen. But he quickly puts you down, and get on his knees to rub your stomach. “Is it a boy or a girl?” he asks, and you laugh.

“I don’t know yet.” You say laughing.

“I’m going to be a Dad, what are you going to name it?” he is so excited, and it makes you feel so happy.

“We are going to name it together, but we have nine months to figure it out.” you say watching him look at your stomach in awe.

“Hey little baby in there, I’m going to be your daddy. You are going to be the coolest kid ever.” He says to your fetus. You smile, extremely happy that he is happy.

“I’m so glad you’re happy, I was worried you would be upset.” You say relived.

“I’m going to be a dad, how could I possibly be upset.” He says proudly. The whole night you guys watch movies, and the whole time he just rubs your stomach, and talks about how he is so excited to be a daddy. It gives you goosebumps knowing that everything is even more perfect than it was before.

The next morning you wake up to Louis rubbing your tummy. You watch him, and he starts singing lullabies to it. When he realizes you are awake he blushes. “I was just practicing for later.” He said and you laugh before closing your eyes and listen to him sing.


You have been trying to get pregnant for a while now, but you haven’t been successful. You and Niall are the cutest couple ever, and a baby is exactly what you need. You throw away the negative pregnancy test, and walk out of the bathroom to a hopeful Niall.

“So?” he asks you for the result. You shake your head and look down at your feet in disappointment. “Its okay (Y/N).” He pulls you into a tight hug, and the tears start flowing. “Don’t worry.” He kisses you on the top of your head, and lifts your chin up so he can see your face. He wipes your tears, and looks into your eyes.

“Face it Niall, I can’t have a baby.” You cry.

“Don’t say that. It will happen.” His smile reassures you, and you reach up to kiss him. “We could try again right now.” His smile turns mischievous and you laugh.

“No, I have to get to work.” You say wiping your tears, but the real reason you refuse is because you’re just too upset.

“How badly do you want a baby?” He says trying to convince you. “I know that I want to be a dad more than anything, and by going to work you can ruin our chances.” He encourages. You walk into the closet to get a pair of work clothes, and when you turn around you start laughing when you see Niall lying seductively on the bed in just his boxers, and a pair of socks.

“You can’t pressure me into anything.” you say trying to resist the irresistible.

“I don’t think I have to.” He says adding a wink at the end. You can’t stop laughing, and you are in a good mood now, so why not. You dive onto the bed next to him, and kiss him passionately on the lips.

“How do I look?” You ask him with your bed-head and smudged makeup that you forgot to remove last night and your tear soaked cheeks. He smiles.

“More beautiful than ever.” He says. “How do I look?” he asks seductively adding another wink.

“Sexy as hell.” You say with a laugh.

**Two weeks later**

You look at your calendar, and realize that you’re a couple days late. You get incredibly hopeful, and take out one of the pregnancy test you have in your bathroom. You have a bunch of them stocked up just in case. You wait five minutes, and look at it for the result. When the little plus sign appears you jump for joy, and start dancing around in your PJ’s singing; Niall isn’t home right now, so he doesn’t hear you. You decide to do something cute to tell him. You quickly drive to a baby store, and buy a little pair of baby shoes that match a pair of Niall’s favorites, and a book called 'Daddy and Me'. You thought it would be so cute if they have matching shoes. You quickly go back to your apartment, so you can wrap it all before Niall get’s home. You wrap it all up, and hide it in the kitchen.

“Hello, I’m home.” Niall yells through the house when he walks in the door. You are way too excited to hide it, so you run up to him, and jump into his arms, and give him an incredibly passionate kiss on the lips. “What are you so happy about?” he asks you. You can’t hold in your excitement any longer.

“I got you something.” You take his hand, and pull him quickly into the kitchen. You hand him the present, and he starts to open it, he pulls out the little pair of shoes, and he quickly looks up at you with a huge smile.

“Are you…” is all he says, and then he pulls out the Daddy book, and looks up at you again. He drops all the stuff on the counter, and kisses you long and hard. “I’m so happy.” He says.


“Happy New year’s babe.” He says to you as the countdown starts. 5…4…3…2…1 the room fills with cheers. He leans down and kisses you on the lips the single kiss turns into a full on make out session.

“Let’s get out of here.” You say taking his hand, and pulling him past all the crowds, and into your bedroom…

.It’s been a week since the party. You wake up, and his arms are wrapped around your waist; you love it. You softly spin onto your other side so that you are facing him. You kiss him lightly on the nose, and he opens his eyes. “Good morning sunshine.” You say with a smile.

“Good morning beautiful.” He looks into your eyes. “How are you?” He asks; his voice still raspy with sleep.

“Perfect.” You sigh. “I hope we can stay like this forever.”

“I’m not doing anything today.” You laugh.

“Isn’t you’re Cousin still here?” he came over for New Years, and is staying for a while. Harry groans loudly.

“Yeah.” And perfectly on cue there is a knock at the door.

“Hey, can one of you make me some food.” you laugh, and get out of the bed. You go into the kitchen, and get some eggs out of the fridge. When you turn around Harry is standing there with a kitten in his arms.

“Look what I found on the door step.” He said admiring the kitten. Suddenly you get incredibly nauseous, and you run into the bathroom, and start throwing up.

“I think I’m allergic to that cat.” You say trying to hold back your stomach, but you just spew some more.

“I don’t think a cat allergy would make you throw up.” He says handing the kitten to his Cousin. He runs to your side, holds back your hair, and rubs your back. “Are you okay?”

“no.” you say weakly with tears in your eyes. When you start to feel a little better he helps you get back into bed. You are incredibly dizzy, and can barely keep your head up.

“Just rest for the day, I will take care of you.” He says while tucking you in. “it’s probably just the flu.”

It’s been five days, and you are still sick. It’s on and off, so one day you might be perfectly fine, and the next your dying. “I think you need to go to the hospital.” Harry says when you’re finished throwing up some more. You nod in agreement, and let him carry you to the car. The doctor comes into the room with all your test results; Harry is off getting you some snacks.

“Should we wait for him?” the doctor asks you.

“No, I’ll tell him.” You brush it off.

“Okay, well I have good news. You don’t have the flu.”

“Well then what’s wrong with me?” you ask him impatiently.

“You’re pregnant.” He says with a forced smile. Your jaw drops, and your eyes get wide. You’re completely speechless.

“I’m back." Harry says as he walks into the room. “I didn’t’ know what you wanted, so I got a bunch of stuff.” He says handing you an armful of vending machine snacks. He looks up, and sees the doctor. ”oh, sorry, I didn’t realize you were here. So, what’s wrong with her?” you look up at the doctor; who looks down at you.

“I think I will leave the two of you alone.” He leaves the room. Harry looks over at you confused.

“I’m pregnant.” You tell him straight forwardly. He glances down at your stomach.

“How did that happen?” he asks seriously. You start laughing. He thinks about it for a second. “Oh, that’s right.” He starts to laugh too. You don’t say anything. “There is a Little Harry inside of your stomach. That’s so weird.” He says touching your stomach cautiously.

“You’re not upset?” You ask him still nervous.

“Why would I be upset, it is mine right?” you started laughing.

“Yes, it is definitely yours.” You say laughing too.

“Why would I be upset, it is half my fault? If your pregnant, than I am too.” You start crying partially because you’re laughing so hard, but mostly because your so happy. “We may not be ready for a baby, but we will be when little Harry decides to pop out. We will get through this together. I’m mostly just terrified of the time before the baby; based on the last couple of days, this is going to suck.” You throw him an angry look. “But mostly for you.” He shoots you a cheesy smile, and you laugh. "I'm so happy that I get to hold back your hair for nine months. It will be like heaven on earth." He says sarcastically.

“Can I get a kiss from my amazing pregnant boy friend?” He leans over the hospital bed, and kisses you sweetly.


You lay beside Zayn peacefully in your quiet room. You watch him play with your finger tips, and you can’t help but smile. “Hey, do you want to be my boyfriend?” you ask him sweetly. You guys just got over a huge fight, and you have spent the whole night together talking, and laughing, and a little bit of something else... if you get my drift. The fight was stupid, but you stayed with your friend for a week. He turns on his side to face you.

“I would love to be your boyfriend.” He said with the sweetest smile you have ever seen. You kiss him passionately on the lips, and continue to lay with him.

***2 Weeks later***

You walk down the aisles of the convenient store your hand in his. You listen to him humming your favorite song, and you think about everything. Zayn thinks you are here to get some food, but really you’re here to get a pregnancy test. You have been thinking about it for the past couple of days, and you are almost 100% sure your pregnant. You think about how you are going to get the test without him noticing, and then you get a plan. “I have to go to the bathroom, I will be right back.” You tell him. You slip out of his grip, and walk out of the aisle that he is in. You quickly hunt down your target, and then go to the counter to pay. When you paid for it you sneak into the bathroom. You take the test, and then hide the test in one of the stalls, and then leave to find Zayn again. You meet him in the frozen section, and get the rest of your groceries. “I forgot something; let me go get it real quick, you wait in line.” You tell him.

“I’ll come with you.” He says taking your hand.

“No.” you panic. “I can get it.” you let go of his hand and quickly go back into the bathroom. When you find the test you flip it over to see your result. When you see that it's positive you almost start to cry. This can’t be happening; you know for sure he will not like this. Your relationship is rocky as is, and a baby will only make it worse. You throw away the test, and wipe your tears. You evaluate yourself in the mirror trying to figure out what you are going to do. You fix your make up quickly to hide that you were crying, and then leave the bathroom to meet Zayn. He was next in line when you found him.

“Where is the thing you needed?” he asks you looking at your empty hands. You hesitate.

“I couldn’t find it.” you say quickly. You pay for your items, and then leave. In the car the whole time the only thing you could think of was his face when you tell him the bad news. He reaches for your hand, but you pull away.

“Are you okay?” he asks; keeping his eyes on the road.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He glances at you quickly, but looks away again.

“I saw it.” he said a little sympathetically. You are shocked, and look at him with wide eyes.

“What are you talking about?” You play it off.

“I saw you buy that pregnancy test.” You look down in shame. “Just curious, what did it say?” he asked anxiously. You hesitate before telling him.

“It was positive.” You tell him feeling your relationship crumble beneath your feet. You look over at him to see his reaction. When a big smile grows on his face, you are confused. “What are you smiling for?” you ask him curiously.

“Well, we are having a baby. What should I be doing, frowning? I don’t think so.” his words cause you to smile, and giggle a little just out of pure happiness.

“Wait, you’re not upset. You’re actually happy.” You laugh..

“Of course I am. Picture it, for the next nine months I get to take care of you. Doesn’t that sound great?” He pulled the car over, and got out. He walked around to your side of the car, and helps you out. “I have had this for a couple of weeks now, but then we got into a fight. I figured now would be a good time.” He got down on one knee in front of you. You gasp, and feel yourself start to cry. “I love you more than anything in the world. Will you marry me?” he pulls a box out of his pocket, and opens it up to show an incredibly glamorous ring. The perfect ring. Completely speechless; the only thing you can do is nod. You give him your hand and he slips the ring onto your finger. “And now we will have a beautiful baby, and we will be the perfect little family.” He said standing up, and rubbing your stomach as small tears feel from your eyes..

“I love you so much.” You said kissing his lips.



You walk into the bathroom to check the pregnancy test. You have been wanting a baby since you got married a month ago, and you have been trying since then too, but you haven’t told Liam yet. You’re planning on surprising him when it turns out positive. When you look down at the test, and see the little plus sign you practically scream, but you control yourself because Liam is still asleep. You quickly throw the test into the trash can, and skip joyfully out of the room. You quietly sneak past your bedroom, and retrieve the small wrapped package from its spot hidden in the back of the hall closet. Inside the box is a book with baby names, and one of Liam’s old baby blankets that his mother gave you after you told her about your little plan. You snuck into your bedroom quietly, and crawled into the bed placing the box next to you as you watched him sleep for a moment. You softly rub his nose, until his eyes flutter open sleepily, causing you to laugh.

“Hello georgous wife of mine.” He says sweetly. “I love waking up to your beautiful face every day.” He says softly as you kiss his cheek.

“I got you a present.” You say with an excited giggle.

“Why? I promise I didn’t forget what today is.” He said a little panicking as he tried to figure out if it was a special occasion, causing you to laugh even more.

“Don’t worry; it’s just something I wanted to give you today; just because I love you.” You tell him giggling excitedly as you hand him the box. He takes it with a big smile as he sits up in the bed, and leans against the head board. You sit in front of him with your legs crossed like a five year old. You watch him open the box with the cutest confused face you’ve ever seen. He pulls out the book first, and his face instantly lights up, and he looks at you with a look asking you if you were serious. And when he picks up the small blue blanket, and sees the little ‘L’ sewn in the corner a single tear falls from his eyes. “Liam, you’re gonna be a daddy.” You tell him excitedly.


“I love you so much.” He says pulling you into a hug, and kissing you long and hard on the lips. The kiss is full of passion, and you still see fireworks just like your first kiss.


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