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Hey guys, leave your requests for a preference. I want this book to be a lot more mature than my last one, so I will do dirty ones.


6. #2 You Break Up (part 2)


“Baby, where are you?” you yell into your boyfriends apartment. “I made a cake. Well, I had a little help from a couple of friends, but it took us forever to make.” You start. As you walk through the apartment to find him. “Liam, Liam where are you?” You start to get a little upset, but then decide that he is probably just late, so you decide to set the mood. You light a few candles, and change out of your dirty cake clothes and into some of his clothes. He still isn’t home, so you turn on the TV, and cuddle up with a blanket on the couch. After a few real housewives episodes he still isn’t home and you are fast asleep.


Liam’s POV


“This was fantastic boys, thanks a lot.” I said to the boys as everyone started to leave the party. I looked down at my phone to check the time, 2:00am. “It’s incredibly late, I was not expecting to be out this long, I’m gonna go home. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”


“Happy birthday again.” Zayn said as Niall, Louis and I walked out together.


“That was awesome though right?” Niall asked me excitedly. I nodded my head and yawned.


“Yeah it was great, but I'm exhausted, see you later.” I said as I got into my car and drove home. I walked up to my apartment, and went straight to my bedroom to change before shutting off all of the lights and locking the front door. I reached down to grab the remote for the TV when I found you asleep on the couch; you looked like an angel all curled up in my clothes. “Oh, shoot!” I shouted when I remembered you planned on us staying in tonight


Your POV


You wake up quickly when you hear Liam yell. You open your eyes, and look at the clock on the TV. “2:00am!” You shout quickly standing up off of the couch and looking at him. “What the hell happened Liam?!” You yelled.


“I’m so sorry, there was a party…” Anger immediately flooding your body and you stormed into the kitchen.


“You had a birthday party, and you didn’t invite your girlfriend. You are such a jerk Liam Payne.”


“I forgot (Y/N), it was a surprise… I didn’t know about it.” Tears started to pour down your face.


“So your friends don’t like me enough to invite me. I thought they liked me.” You cried. The sadness was quickly replaced with furiousness. You stormed into the kitchen and looked down at the cake you spent hours making. “I tried so hard to make this a good birthday for you, but you ruined it.” You picked up the cake and threw it straight into the trash bin. "That hurts really bad." You cry as you walk to the door.

"You can't leave (y/n)." He said as he grabbed your wrist. You turned to him.

"Why not? 'cause I'm sure as hell not staying here." You said as tears ran down your face.

You could see him trying to come up with something to say but all he said was. "Because you're wearing me clothes." You laughing in frustration before taking off the clothes, leaving you in only your pink bra and panties.

"Are you happy now." You throw his clothes at him, before you stormed out of the apartment in and angry rampage slamming the door behind you.



It’s been two weeks since Harry came back from tour, and you thought things would get better, but they haven’t. You thought all of the rumors would stop, and the fighting would stop, but it hasn’t. You are so tired of it all. Tired of being in the spot light all the time. Tired of having to think before you do anything. Most of all you are just tired of everyone knowing you only as Harry Styles girl friend, and not who you really are, and you have decided that today is the day that you are no longer going to hold it in.


“Harry?” You said as you walked into the bedroom that night. “We need to talk.” You just stood there by the door preparing yourself for this conversation.


“About what?” He asked looking up from his phone.


“I don’t think I can do this anymore.” You stated straightforwardly. “I can’t deal with the stress of this life.”


“What are you talking about?” He asked sounding hurt, and slightly offended. “Are you talking about the stress of being famous, because that was your choice, you chose to be my girlfriend, you can get out of it any time you want, I can’t.” He got out of the bed, only wearing boxers, and looked at you with an angry look in his eyes. “You can’t complain about the choices you made, because you made them.”


“Why are you saying this Harry, I was just trying to talk. I didn’t choose for nobody to know my name; I didn’t choose to have to stop having fun. I only chose to be your girlfriend. There is a huge difference.” You started to get angry too.


“But you knew what would happen when you agreed to go on a date with me, at least any smart person would know that.” Anger filled you up inside, and you couldn’t help but storm up to him and slap him across the face.


“I’m not stupid Harry. I’m just not your girlfriend anymore.” You said with pure rage as angry tears poured from your eyes, and you left. You walked out of the room, grabbed your keys, and didn’t even give him a chance to stop you before you drove away.



You’ve only been dating Zayn for a few months, but already the fans think you will be together forever. The only problem is that they don’t know what goes on off camera. The only time you two get to be together is at night because you work and go to school, and he is, obviously, always busy with work. You rarely ever touch each other because you’re always tired when you get home, so aside from the fact that you moved in together two months ago it’s like your hardly even dating. Sure you go to award shows with him, and you smile and hold hands, and you occasionally go out to dinner, and the paparazzi stalk you and take pictures of you laughing at him, but it’s not really all fun off camera, and honestly it’s just getting kind of old. You both know you should’ve broken up a while ago, but you still love each other, and that’s why you moved in together, for a second chance.


“Zayn, how much longer are we going to do this?” you asked suddenly after not talking throughout your whole dinner.


“Can we not have this conversation right now, I’m tired.” He stood up to bring his plate into the kitchen.


“Then when, we never see each other any more. When are we ever going to talk about it?” You push the subject more.


“I told you, you can quite your job, and I can take care of you.” He looked at you from where he stood leaning against the sink.


“That is so selfish of you. I actually like my job, I enjoy being able to earn my own money. I can’t believe you would even think I would do that. It's not like you ever even want to talk about my job anyway, how would you know that.” You complain getting slightly more annoyed with every word. You and Zayn have never gotten into a fight, and you don’t really want to start now.


“How is trying to help our relationship selfish?” He said, raising his voice.


“Well I don’t see you quitting your job anytime soon.” You pause for a moment before looking up at him again. “I don’t want to talk about this, let’s just go to bed.” You stand up and walk towards the bedroom.


“No! You’re right; this is the only time we can talk.” He yells across the room.


“Well, I’m tired!” You yell back. “It’s not like our relationship is going to be any better in the morning anyway.” You turn back around and walk into the bedroom.


“Then just leave. You said it yourself, we aren’t getting any better. We tried too hard, just leave.” You turned around and looked at him with tears in your eyes.


“Is that really what you want?”


“It seems to be the only choice now.” He turned around and started to wash the dishes as you packed a bag and left without another word.




You are at the beach today with a bunch of friends, for a party. Everybody sits around a fire to play truth or dare as the sun goes down except you and Harry, your best friend. You two decide to go for a little swim. You teased each other a little, had a few play fights, and you have to admit, you did a lot of flirting. The whole time you didn’t think it was anything bad, because you are dating Niall, and it doesn’t mean anything for you, but I meant something for Harry. You two pause for a while to watch the sun set, when out of nowhere he kisses you, and Niall saw the whole thing. You pushed Harry off of you, but it was too late. Niall ran into the water, and tackled Harry to the ground. You tried to pull him off, but he just turned around and slapped you across the face. You screamed in pain and started to cry, causing him to stop hitting Harry.


“(y/n), I’m so sorry. It was just that…” Niall started too walked towards you, but you backed up in fear he got closer. “I’m sorry.” You ran into your friends arms and sobbed. She started to walk you to her car, but you stopped and turned to Niall.


“I pushed him away Niall. He kissed me, not the other way around. I’m sorry, but we are over.” You cried before getting in the car.



You get a lot of hate from his fans, and he gets a lot of hate from your parents, and as much as you both hate it, you are both too incredibly stubborn, and refuse to admit it to each other, until today. You are spending the weekend with your parents because of your sisters wedding, so you can say Louis isn’t in the best mood. Your parents are the kind of parents that like to tell your boyfriends how they feel about them straight up and it’s no different with Louis.


“Why don’t you tell them to stop?” He complains as you both crawl into bed after another long day. “You do like me right?” he jokesd in a serious tone.


“Of course I like you, I love you, but they are my parents.”


“But they are rude.” He states straightforwardly. You snap him a glare, and he shrugs it off.


“I don’t get it very easy from your side of the family either. Your fans hate me. I was at the store with (Y/S/N) yesterday and this girl called me a bitch right in front of my sister. She went on to say how she wants me to die, and continued to say that someday I’m going to get shot because that's all I deserve.” You looked at him for an answer, but he just turned off the lights.


“You’re in this relationship with me, not my fans. On the other hand, your parents are a huge part of this relationship to work.” You furrowed your eyebrows in frustration.


“Didn’t you tell me that the fans are a huge part of your life, explain that Louis.” You turned on the lights and leaned back on your hands looking over at him angrily.


“They are a huge part of my life, but they don’t have to be a part of your life.” He turned off the lights again.

“Are you kidding me?” You nearly started to yell. “You’re such a hypocrite. If they are such a huge part of your life, then why don’t you just take their advice and shoot me, right here.” You stand up and spread your arms out like a target. “Come on Louis, Now’s your chance, make your fans happy.”


“You are so dramatic. You’re completely flipping my words around. I don’t have it very easy either. Come to think of it, why are we still together anyway. Nobody wants us to be.” He says calmly.


“You’re right, what’s the point?” You agree. You are both trying to hide the fact that you don’t want to break up, but neither of you wants to be the one to stop it. 

“At least I can finally sleep.” He says before he gets up, and leaves your parents house.

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