Preference Book

Hey guys, leave your requests for a preference. I want this book to be a lot more mature than my last one, so I will do dirty ones.


2. #1 how he kisses you


He grabs the back of your neck and pulls you in passionately running his fingers through your hair. One of his arms wraps around your waist, and the other stays with his hand in your hair. Your arms are wrapped tightly around his waist.He shyly traces your lip with his tongue asking for entry before finally meeting his tongue with yours. as the kiss gets more heated he moves down to your jaw line tracing kisses over your soft skin, and down your neck giving you all of his attention and love. 



He starts by kissing your forehead, and then he wraps both his arms tightly around your waist and pulls you in tightly. He softly trails kisses down your nose finally landing on your lips. The kiss instantly becomes passionate, and your lips move in sync as if you're dancing. Your arms are draped around over his shoulders romantically and your body's move together with your lips to the beat of your heart beat. 



 Both of your hands grasp his face to hold your balance while you stand on your toes, as he takes his time kissing you softly and romantically. His tongue slides in your mouth, and your lips move together slowly, but full of passion. As the time goes by he gets rougher, biting your bottom lip, and leaving marks on your neck.




Every time he kisses you it's like the first time, Dramatic, and full of passion. He lifts you up to his waist, and holds you by your thighs. His kiss is lust full and romantic. His lips move melodically creating music as you move together, in tune with each other. Each kiss is different, and each touch gives you goosebumps.


He teases you with his lips leaving you wanting more. He teases you until the point that you can't stand it anymore, and you just need to kiss him, so he lifts you into the air and spins you around playfully as his lips move sweetly with yours. The time slows down, and everyone disappears. You giggle and he smiles as your lips are practically glued together.


A/N: Hey ladies, I hope you like it.  It's the first time I used pictures, and you have no idea how hard it is to find a picture that matches perfectly to your story. Now that I think about it. It probably would have been easier to find the picture first huh? Well, it's too late now... anyway, I hope you like it... please leave request for imagines and preferences

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