All Roads Lead Back

Ashia or Ash is Liam Payne's sister,Niall Horan's Girlfriend,Frida Cresents Best Friends and Charrlotte Elizabeth Smith's 2nd Best Friend. This all stared before the x-Factor. Ash got accepted into Loreto College in Mullingar,Ireland. So she moved to Mullingar when she was 16 for her studies she got lost when she first flew over from Woverhampton,England. She bumped into Niall Horan and he had nando's to eat and he asked her if she was posted then he helped her find her school , and then asked her if he could show her around town tomorrow and she said shed like that a lot. So stay tuned and like comment and favorite this Movella and please fan me and thanks so much. Stay to see them on their journey through life.
This may be a series. Idk yet.


2. Liam or LiLi!!!



Name:Liam or LiLi

Age:17-19-/years go by.



Personality:Fun,cute,kind,and caring.

Likes:Video games,singing,football (soccer) and strumming guitar.

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