“But this time when we kiss, I can taste the ashes. We’re breaking down. Almost gone. There is no fire, not even a spark between us. Nothing, but ashes.”

Amber is a blonde haired 17 year old. She's unsure of herself at times and can be shy. But with her friends she's bubbly and hyper. Playing soccer, she feels confident almost cocky.

Chase is one year older than Amber. But he's in her photography class. Together they have to work on a school project promoting the school with photos. They choose the obvious way- to take pictures of the highschool's sport team.

Amber's life is made up of soccer. Chase plays soccer for himself and his dad, that's all he has left anymore.

"I dribble the ball down field trying to calm the butterflies in my stomach. Hanging out with Chase was different. He was sweet and kind. But also an amazing soccer player. It's almost like he's perfect."


2. Two

Chapter 2-Daniel's Pov

I jump into Cati's car and yell "VAMANOS!" Immediately I hear a groan and a small laugh. Cati never laughs at my jokes. A blonde girl glances back at me from sitting shotgun. She looks about my age, maybe a bit younger. Her lips form a small smile.

"Which one of you is Josh and which one of you is Daniel?" She says softly. Josh jumps in beside me.

"I'm Josh." He says.

She turns to me and our eyes meet. Her eyes are amazing. They're a shade of light blue with a hint of purple mixed in. Feeling like I could get lost in them, I wrench my gaze away before I go immobile.

"I'm Daniel, what's your name princess?" She scrunches up her face and Cati laughs.

"Well, first of all, don't ever call me princess and second, I'm Ross." She turns in her seat to Cati. "Now, drive."

It's about a five minute drive to Starbucks, so Josh and I know we have five minutes to drive these girl's insane. I feel like I could do it on a normal day with Cati, but it's different with Ross here. I don't want her to see me as some wacko.

Ross turns around again.
"So do you guys play any sports?" Josh answers right away.

"I play football duh."  Again, she glances at me, waiting for my answer.

"Um, I don't do sports. I'm more into photography." I can feel my face turn a bit red. But immediately after the words leave my mouth her eyes light up.

"Really? Me too. I mean I do play soccer," she pauses and turns to Josh at this point. "And soccer is SO much better than football. But I spend a lot of time trying to find a perfect picture."
I nod listening to Ross. If you listen closely you can hear the passion in her voice. She really wants that perfect shot.
Josh nudges me, indicating we should start yelling and screaming, but I shake my head at him. I don't want to ruin Ross's first impression of me. I mean of me and Josh.

Glaring at me for a second, Josh turns to Ross. "Are you going to our high school?"

"If you guys go to Cati's high school, then yeah."

"Give us your schedule." Josh and I lean forward, hands out. Cati laughs.

"They will attack you if you don't tell them your schedule." We turn into the Starbucks. "But Starbucks saved you."

Ross smiles and I almost ask her out right then and there.

"Well, Starbucks is everyone's hero."


A/N: Sorry about the stupid conversation responses and that last line sorry! I am doing another chapter, I just wanted to change the perspective. Any way thoughts right now?
Thanks so much!!


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