“But this time when we kiss, I can taste the ashes. We’re breaking down. Almost gone. There is no fire, not even a spark between us. Nothing, but ashes.”

Amber is a blonde haired 17 year old. She's unsure of herself at times and can be shy. But with her friends she's bubbly and hyper. Playing soccer, she feels confident almost cocky.

Chase is one year older than Amber. But he's in her photography class. Together they have to work on a school project promoting the school with photos. They choose the obvious way- to take pictures of the highschool's sport team.

Amber's life is made up of soccer. Chase plays soccer for himself and his dad, that's all he has left anymore.

"I dribble the ball down field trying to calm the butterflies in my stomach. Hanging out with Chase was different. He was sweet and kind. But also an amazing soccer player. It's almost like he's perfect."


1. One

I pump my arms and legs faster, breaking into a full out sprint. Ahead of me, a blue and white soccer ball spins and bounces. At the back of my mind, I'm aware of the top team's coach watching me. The rest of my body is intent on the game. I reach the soccer ball, touching it with the outside of my foot. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see a defender chasing me.

"Man on!" A few of my teammates call out. I need to get rid of the ball. I take a touch forward. It slides ahead of me at least two feet. Oh crap! I blink and the defender is between me and the ball. Man, she's fast. The dark haired girl in front of me takes a defensive stance and begins to shield the ball. Anger builds up inside of me and I begin to shoulder her. My arms stay tucked to my sides as I try to reach the soccer ball.

"Come on, Ross!" My coach yells. The defender takes a touch away from me and tries to turn. No, you don't. I think while sticking out my foot, toe slightly pointed upward. Spinning towards the sky, the ball makes a wide arch. I back paddle and wait. Glancing around, I see our striker Mackenzie calling for the ball. She keeps moving around but seems ready for any ball that is sent forward.
The ball falls towards the ground straight towards my head. With a split hesitation, I head the ball forward. Pain spits over the top of my head. I can't see. I fall towards the ground. A few seconds later, the referee calls my coach on. Then, everything comes into focus. I'm being carried off the field by a medic. He sets me on a golf cart car. Squinting at the field, I see people moving around. They must be continuing the game. No, wait I want to play! But the golf cart is already moving away, it's too late.

I sit by the window of my house. Stupid concussion. I wish I could play soccer. I've never been so bored in my life. Pulling out my phone, I decide to text my best friend, Cati.

I'm so BORED
It takes her a minute to respond.

I'll be there soon. Want to go to Starbucks?  I'm picking you up.  Despite her question, it doesn't seem like she's giving me a choice in the matter. That's okay, it's Starbucks. I wait a few minutes to give her time to start driving. When I think she's in her car I send her one more text. She won't be able to respond to this while driving.

Since you dragged me into this you're paying.

Five minutes later I hear a honk. Quickly, I grab my phone my bag and a pony tail.
"I'm leaving." Yelling at the top of my lungs, I walk out the door. Hopefully, my parents heard me.
I open up the mustang door of Cati's truck. Her face is scrunched up and she shakes her phone in front of my face indicating that she read my txt. Smiling brightly, I slam the door and turn on the radio to country. Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran's song Everything has Changed is playing. I always love songs, in some ways they can be cheesy.

"We're picking up two of my friends." Cati says, her eyes on the road. Her brown hair is loose, hanging to a length just over her shoulders.


"You don't know them. Their names are Josh and Daniel." I nod and glance down at my phone. My mom sent me a text two minutes ago.

Don't forget, you have to babysit Syd on Thursday. NO SOCCER.  I frown. Cati glances over at me, her brown eyes concerned.


"My mom practically yelled at me, about soccer."  Cati glances over at me.

"I hope you can handle yelling right now, because Josh and Daniel are pretty much wackos." She stops the car in front of a house, where two boys sit outside waiting. Great, yelling and screaming, just what I need.

A/N: Sorry, I know this is a short chapter. I have all day tomorrow to write so I will try and have a long chapter up tomorrow. But for right now thoughts? advice? Please let me know what you think and if you like this story favorite it.
Thanks A TON!

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