“But this time when we kiss, I can taste the ashes. We’re breaking down. Almost gone. There is no fire, not even a spark between us. Nothing, but ashes.”

Amber is a blonde haired 17 year old. She's unsure of herself at times and can be shy. But with her friends she's bubbly and hyper. Playing soccer, she feels confident almost cocky.

Chase is one year older than Amber. But he's in her photography class. Together they have to work on a school project promoting the school with photos. They choose the obvious way- to take pictures of the highschool's sport team.

Amber's life is made up of soccer. Chase plays soccer for himself and his dad, that's all he has left anymore.

"I dribble the ball down field trying to calm the butterflies in my stomach. Hanging out with Chase was different. He was sweet and kind. But also an amazing soccer player. It's almost like he's perfect."


4. Four

Chapter 4-Ross's Pov

I stand in front of the mirror trying to calm myself down. Believe it or not I'm actually wearing a dress. Let's just say Cati threatened to beat me up, concussion or no concussion if I didn't. I let my hair fall down to my shoulders out of the ponytail. With a slight wave in it, my hair reaches 4 inches below my shoulders. I look strange without my hair up in a pony tail, I hardly ever wear it down. Cati bursts into the room, wearing a purple dress of the same design as mine.

"Josh and Daniel are picking us up in 15 minutes." She stops when she sees me with my hair down. Her eyes get wide and then before I can react she snatches the pony tail out of my hands. Running to the bathroom, she grabs the rest of my ponytails.

"I don't know why you wear these stupid things. Ross, you look amazing with your hair down. I'm keeping all these,"-she holds up the pony tails-"For the first week of school."

"I can just buy some more."

"If you wear a ponytail on any day of this week, I will personally yank out your hair and glue it on a Barbie doll." Oh. I nod to let her know I understand. I don't doubt a word she says.

Handing me a pair of white heels, she turns to the full length mirror in my room. Now I notice that she is wearing  a bit of makeup. She looks gorgeous but extremely nervous. Well, that makes two of us.
"I look like a total girly girl." I say, frowning.

"You look beautiful, now come on. The boys should be here any minute. I follow her out the door, trying not to trip. Behind me, I close the door to my room, hiding all of my soccer posters from view. Tonight I need to forget about soccer and just have fun.

Normally, my parents wouldn't let me go to a party with my concussion. But somehow, Cati talked them into it. She must be a miracle worker.
We reach the bottom of the stairs and I car honks outside. Cati rolls her eyes.

"Josh and Daniel are such gentlemen don't you think?" I laugh and grab my phone. Pulling open the door, we walk out to Josh's red car. It's kind of like the business trucks or a church van.

"We're going in that?" I think Josh painted it red.

"Yup." Cati get into the seat in front leaving me to sit in the back with Daniel. I glance at him and then jump in the car.
"VAMANOS!" I shout, just like Daniel did yesterday. He makes a face.

"Gosh, you meet someone one day and then the next day they're stealing your jokes." I laugh and sit beside him.

"So fill me in on this dance. I've never been to a school with a dance at the beginning of the year before. " I'm just switching to their school this year. I used to go to a boarding school. Ugh.

"Wait, our escorts here need to say something before they answer your question." Cati says looking expectantly at Josh and Daniel.

"Oh, right. You both look beautiful." Daniel says. I thank him but continue on.

"I think I look like a Barbie doll."  Cati narrows her eyes at me. She is probably wondering if I am referring to the conversation earlier about her ripping out my hair. I smile back at her. Daniel sees the looks exchanged between us and raises his eyebrows.

"You two in a fight?" He asks.

"Nah. She just made me wear my hair down. I don't usually do that. She also is making me do it for the first week of school." Daniel laughs, a loud rich sound. Then suddenly a thought occurs to me. "We're letting Josh drive? The weird wacko one?" As if that encouraged him, Josh shakes the car quickly by jerking the steering wheel back and forth. Cati's eyes grow wide.

"Okay from now on Daniel, you drive if we are in the car."

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