1D+5SOS imagines

Just some imagines ((I don't do request)) I make these, just expressing some of my struggles


2. Chloe and Harry

 Chloe's POV

i ran upstairs and slammed the door. "Let me In you slut!" My dad slurred. He was drunk again and was beating me. "NO!" I yelled. I dialed me best friend's number, Harry. "Hello" said Harry "h-Harry help me, my d-dad he's drunk" I whispered,trying to hold back tears. "I'm on my way" Harry said,anger rage in his voice. "Please keep talking to me" I cried. Just then the door shot open and my dad was holding a baseball bat. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" I yelled as he picked me up by my hair. He laughed and pushed me down. "Please!" I yelled. He hit me in the stomach and laughed. "Please help Harry" I whispered. He kept hitting me. Harry burst through the destroyed doorway. "LEAVE HER ALONE!" He yelled, tears in his eyes. "Puft" my dad laughed. Harry punched him square in the jaw. My dad curses and took the baseball bat off the floor. He hit Harry on the chest and stomach. "HARRY!" I screamed before going into a black darkness. I woke up with a head ache. I looked around. "Harry?" I whispered. "Yes love?" He asked. I looked beside me. He was in the bed beside me smiling. Those killer green eyes pircing my eyes. I smiled at him and laughed. he smiled at me and laughed to. THE END 

--------------note------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hope you liked it :D more coming soon :)

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