I see things... Signs, no one else sees.
I had no idea being able to see these things would cost me everything.


1. Introduction

  "No!" I yelled, struggling to get free of my parents' grasp.

  I felt an energy inside me. It was hard to describe, almost as if I could feel the blood pumping through my veins, and I could hear my heart beating. I felt as if I could do anything, but yet, nothing could be done yet.

  Because I needed to make it happen.

  My parents were somehow then on the ground, looking at me with fear.

  "Stop!" I yelled, but...

  But there was nothing to be done.

  They had gone... They had taken her...

  I felt the tears sting at my eyes, begging to be let loose, but they already were, streaming like a river down my face.

  I took a sharp breath, and shakily let it out.

  My sister... my one friend... The only one that was there for me...

  "Oh, sister..." I said while my parents were trying to comfort me.

  The battle was lost, and that was it...

  My sister was as good as dead.

  My parents tried to comfort me, tried to tell me it would be alright, that I would see her again, but I knew the truth behind their words...

  It would never be alright, I would see her again though... When both of us die!

  "Why did you let them take her?!" I demanded, still shaky. "Why didn't you do something?! Why didn't you let me do something?! I... I could have helped her, I could have! But no, you let them take her away!"

  "Honey, you could have gotten yourself killed!" Mom said, but that wasn't enough.

  "So?! She's going to probably be killed, and we'll know we haven't done anything to try and help her! We could've-"

  "Arianna! That is enough! We couldn't have done anything, and that is final! Go to you're room, NOW!" My father demanded.

  "We could've tried..." I muttered, going to my room as instructed.

  I walked up the old stairs, listening to the creaks that came from them, and stopping at my room.

  I climbed under the worn out covers that never kept me warm at night, and whispered into thin air, "Ariel, I will find you..." As I closed my red eyes, and sniffled one last time.

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