I see things... Signs, no one else sees.
I had no idea being able to see these things would cost me everything.


4. Chapter 3

   "Kill me." I said.
   His eyes widened, his now slitted pupils obvious in his yellow eyes.
   "What? If you're so powerful and I'm so weak... Kill me! I-I dare you!"
   Oh, what was I saying? I couldn't die now! I still had a goal! A dream!
   But... how much longer could I put up with this?
   Ryan started tightening his grip, as I was regretting opening my big mouth.
   Then, he gasped and let go, dropping me to the floor.
   I coughed crazily, and looked over to Ryan, fear evident in my eyes.
   He looked like a dog who wanted his collar off. Head shaking, on four knees.
   "R-" I coughed, this time a red liquid coming out. "Ryan..." I said, my voice worried.
   He stopped, staring at me with yellow eyes.
   "For I am not Ryan." He started in a voice not his own. "I am Joriku, demon of hell."
   I looked at him, fear still evident in my eyes, trembling uncontrollably. "Where's Ryan then?"
   Joriku smirked, seeming to enjoy my fear, feasting on it like he was king. "I sealed him inside his own-"
   Joriku's smirk seemed to fade, and he looked down.
   His legs were on fire.
   Joriku screamed and screeched, and soon, the fire comsumed his entire body.
   I was shaking, what would become of Ryan?
   Joriku, or Ryan, or whoever he was now, was on his knees, coughing crazily.
   My eyes widened as he fell to the ground.
   "Ryan?" I whimpered, scared that Joriku would answer.
   I heard a groan as he stood up, his arms limp.
   "That," Ryan started, looking up at me. "is what happens, Miss Paris, when you anger an akuma horudā."

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