I see things... Signs, no one else sees.
I had no idea being able to see these things would cost me everything.


3. Chapter 2

   Gray was the first thing I remembered. Gray walls, gray floor, gray sky and the metal bars that imprisoned me were so close that nearly no sunlight got in.
   I heard a jingling at the door, and with that, a couple of swear words.
   "What are you doing?" I heard a voice ask. It sounded like one of the men who trapped me in this cursed place!
   "I-it's time for her execution." I heard another younger voice stutter slightly.
   Execution? I never even had a trial! I just got into this place a couple of hours ago!
   "Execution? I thought that wasn't till tomorrow." The man asked suspiciously.
   "Yes, they moved it to today. We can't take any chances with a theif like her." Theif? He makes it sound as if I stole a solid gold necklace or something! It was molded bread and half full milk!
   "I suppose you're right. Carry on." The man said as he started to walk away. When I didn't hear his footsteps anymore, I heard a sigh coming from the other man as he continued trying to find the key.
   I started rubbing my neck, afraid of what was to come next. Was I really going to die? Now? Here? Was this what Ariel felt, if she was being forced to do this?
   The lock clicked open, and I looked up to see a boy, about my age.
   "C'mon." He said, rather hurriedly.
   I stood up and walked towards him, slightly confused as to what was going on.
   As soon as I reached him, he grabbed my hand and ran.
   "What's going on?" I asked, afraid.
   "No time to explain." He said taking a turn, of course bringing me with him.
   I was angry with this, all these hallways were empty, why didn't he have time?
   "Stop!" A voice yelled.
   I didn't realize that I had my head down until I had to whip it up. It was that man again, the one who took my family away from me.
   I thought of all the anger, all the sadness, and all the pain this man has caused me over the last decade, and he was blasted back by a blur of red. I hope he's dead...
   "Seems we have underestimated the demon child." the man started (Hope denied!), "But, mark my words, girl, one day, you're demon race will end!" And he disappeared.
   I turned to the boy, and he was looking at me with a mixture of shock and amazement.
   "What?" I asked.
   He paused a second, then asked, "Can you teach me that?"


   Ok, so, after getting lost about three times (no thanks to that boy!), and running into a couple of guards, we got out of the prison and into the yellow grass of the yard.
   "Thanks." I said quietly, not sure if he even heard me.
   He looked surprised for a minute, then replied, "No problem."
   There was a bit of silence between us, then I asked, "So, who're you?"
   "Ryan Hamming, at your service." He said, giving a mock bow. "And you're... Arianna Paris?"
   "Laris." I corrected him.
   "Right, right. Sorry." Ryan said, smiling sheepishly.
   "It's alright." I said.
   There was something about this Ryan kid that made me want to trust him immediately. No! I can't trust anyone! No one here can be trusted! Right?
   "Huh?" I asked stupidly.
   "I was asking if you were alright. You seemed at war with yourself!"
   I blushed slightly. I'll do that sometimes, but it's usually when I'm alone!
   "Why did you save me?" I questioned. "I mean, you don't go freeing prisoners as a hobby, do you?"
   "No, I don't." he admitted. "I suppose I'm gonna have to tell you soon, but now's not the time, and I think you're gonna have to see for yourself."
   This guy's really getting on my nerves. What, is it Ryan-Doesn't-Tell-Arianna-Anything-Day?
   "Why won't you tell me anything?" I asked, forming fists with my hands.
   "What do you mean?" he asked.
   "You're barely telling me anything! You aren't telling me why you rescued me, you aren't telling me what's going on, it's like you think I'm stupid!"
   He glared at me for a second, then just turned away.
   "And now you're not even telling me the reason! What do I have to do to get some ans-"
   Just like that, I was pinned against a tree by my neck.
   "Listen up, Laris." he snarled, his canines growing sharper. "This information is too dangerous for you to find out here. Face it- people die by the government's hand while getting interrogated, and you're weak."
   I stopped trying to get out of his grip, having my hands go limp.
   "You're right." I said, looking down. "I am weak, I van't stand up for myself, and I nearly never speak up. Do you know... do you know what Welem does to people like me?" I looked up to meet his surprised eyes. "I still have the scars." I pulled my arm up with what little strength I had, and revealed scars, scabs, and bruises.
   I then let my arm go limp again, and said, "So, I have only one request of you."
   He looked at me strangly, probably thinking I was going to ask him to let me down.
   "Kill me."

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